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Benefits of obtaining a Canada Green Card

A Green Card is a status document issued by the US government that allows an individual to legally enter, work and reside in the US. Though Canada does not issue a green card, the permanent resident card issued by Canada can be called Canada green card and it is very much similar to US green card. Like the US Green Card, the “Canada green card” allows individuals to live and work in Canada.

But there are also certain remarkable differences between Canada green card and US green card. While the US green card gives the bearer permission to live and work in the US, a Canadian permanent resident card or Canada green card gives the bearer right to live and work in Canada. While in the US, permanent residence is a privilege, in Canada, it is a legal entitlement

Benefits of having a Canada Green Card

Canada Green Card or Canada Permanent Residence card offers a number of benefits and rights to its holder.

1. As per the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, a permanent resident have the right to live and work anywhere in Canada.

  1. He/she can move freely throughout the country and work in any Canadian province.
  2. A permanent resident can sponsor their family to live in Canada.
  3. If a permanent resident’s child is born in Canada, the child will be conferred with Canadian citizenship
  4. A permanent resident has access to the universal healthcare services of Canada

How to keep your Canada Green Card or Permanent Residence Card valid?

While a Canada permanent resident card or Canada green card holder is free to leave the country, he/she has to physically reside in Canada for a minimum of 730 days during a period of five years. The days need not be consecutive. The permanent residence card or Canada green card will be revoked if the holder does not stay in Canada for the allotted time.

While returning from another country, the permanent resident will have to present his permanent residency card or Canada green card to the visa officer. So it is important to carry this card while travelling.

Canada Permanent Residence Card and US Green Card: Differences

  • While a US green card gives the holder permission to live and work in the US, a Canadian permanent residence card gives the holder right to live and work in Canada.
  • US green card holders must show their cards to US authorities anytime they demand. But Canada permanent resident cardholders need to show their card only while re-entering Canada after an international travel.

How to obtain Canada green card?

Canada green card or permanent resident card can be obtained through one of the following ways or streams:

The Independent/Skilled Worker Category

To qualify for permanent residence card or Canada green card under this category, the applicant must have the educational qualifications, skills and work experience, which will be assessed using a point system. Points are also given for various other credentials such as age, language proficiency, work experience and education and the applicants require minimum 67 out of  100 points to qualify.

Business Immigration

This category is for investors and self-employed persons to obtain the “Canada green card”. The investors must invest a specific amount of money in a Canadian business and must have enough experience in running a business. The self-employed applicants must be able to purchase or establish a business in Canada.

Family Class

Under family class category, a permanent resident or citizen of Canada can sponsor their close relative or spouse to become permanent residents or Canada green card holders in the country.

Canadian Experience Class

Under this category, individuals who have come to Canada for studies or with the temporary work permit can apply for a Canada green card or permanent residence in Canada. But the applicant must be proficient in one of the two official languages of Canada and have work experience in Canada.


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US Skill-Based Immigration May Benefit Aspiring Applicants

President Donald Trump endorsed a bill by Sen. Tom Cotton, and Sen. David Perdue, titled Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment (RAISE).

Senior White House adviser, Stephen Miller, says that, “Every year, we issue a million green cards to foreign nationals from all the countries of the world, but we do so without regard to whether that applicant has demonstrated a skill that can add to the US economy; whether they can pay their own way or be reliant on welfare; or whether they’ll displace or take a job from an American worker.”

Currently, green cards are given to more than a million people a year, however, the RAISE Act proposes that the number of green cards should be reduced and be given to 500,000 people a year instead.

Currently, Employment-based green cards are issued to 140,000 people a year; however, the RAISE Act proposes that Employment-based green cards be issued through a point-based system.

Currently, 1 in 15 immigrants come to the US because of their skills. However, the RAISE Act will prioritize highly skilled immigrants and will select applicants who are highly educated, highly paid, can financially support themselves and their dependents while living in America, and who demonstrate skills that will contribute to the American economy. The proposed changes reflect the point-based immigration systems in Canada and Australia.

Currently, green cards are issued to people who have extended family members living legally in USA. However, with the RAISE act, that preference will be removed. The number of immigrants that come through the Diversity Visa Program and the Refugee Program will be reduced and new green card holders will not be eligible to receive welfare from the state for five years after arriving.

By scrapping the current lottery system to get into USA and by reducing the number of green cards for extended family members, the RAISE Act would institute a points-based system for earning a green card. By seeking to create a system based more on merit and skills than family ties, if passed by Congress, the RAISE Act could benefit applicants who are proficient in English, are highly educated, have sufficient funds to support themselves and their families, meet the age requirements and demonstrate skills that will contribute to the American economy.

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