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Canada is the most educated country among G7, thanks to the immigrants

Highly educated immigrants have made Canada the most educated country among the G7. The G7 countries are Canada, France, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US. The European Union is also a non-enumerated member of G7.

According to Statistics Canada, Canada has a larger share of the population with college or university credential compared to any other country in G7. The number of highly educated residents is increasing with the influx of highly educated immigrants and a high number of young adults completing degrees. Statistics Canada’s report also underscored the importance of highly educated workforce for Canada’s continued economic growth. Leveraging these credentials is important as more of the population nears retirement age, said the report.pnp finder“Moreover, Canada faces a labour crunch, with high employment, record-low unemployment and record-high job vacancies. Capitalizing on our highly-educated population is key to ensuring that Canada has enough trained workers to fill the spaces left by retirements,” the report added.

Education level of immigrants in Canada

Those with a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification are more likely to get their first job in Canada faster. Canada’s unique points assessments system which selects candidates on the basis of their education and other qualifications is the major reason for the high education level of immigrants in Canada. Especially in the Express Entry system, those with higher level of education get more points. While high school graduates get 28 CRS points, bachelor’s degree holders get 112 points, masters get 126 points and PhD graduates get a maximum of 140 points.

Those who complete their higher education in Canada get even more points. Further, if they gain Canadian work experience with a Postgraduate Work Permit, they get a few more points.

In the five years till 2021, there was a 19.1 per cent increase in the number of people with at least a bachelor’s degree among the working age population of Canada. Almost half of this growth can be attributed to immigrants.

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