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Canada Opens Doors To 10,000 H-1B Visa Holders From India

H-1B Visa


1. Canada announced its first-ever Tech Talent Strategy.
2. The new scheme will provide open work permit in Canada for up to 3 years to 10,000 H-1B visa holders in the United States.
3. Family members can also apply for work or study permits in Canada.
4. Another new Innovation Stream is to be launched by the end of 2023.
5. IRCC also relaxed norms for Start-Up visas.

Canada has announced a new open work permit stream for H-1B visa holders in the United States, a move that could benefit thousands of Indian tech professionals and their families.

The new scheme will be available from July 16, 2023, and allow 10,000 H-1B visa holders to come to Canada. Such candidates can work for any employer in the country. The visa holders and their family members will be able to stay in Canada for up to three years.Canada pnp finderCanada will also create a STEM-specific draw under category-based selection to issue additional invitations to apply under the Express Entry program. 

Indians are the largest group of H-1B visa holders in the United States, so they are likely to be the biggest beneficiaries of the new scheme. According to the US Department of State, India accounted for 73% of H-1B visas issued in fiscal year 2022.

The move comes as Canada is looking to attract more skilled workers in the tech sector. The country is facing a shortage of tech workers, and the government hopes that the new scheme will help to fill that gap.

What is Canada’s new Tech Talent Strategy?

The new scheme is part of Canada’s broader Tech Talent Strategy, which aims to make the country a more attractive destination for tech workers. The strategy also includes measures to increase the number of tech graduates in Canada and to make it easier for tech companies to recruit and retain foreign workers.

The new H-1B visa scheme is being welcomed by tech companies in Canada. “This is a great step forward for Canada’s tech sector,” said Mark Wiseman, CEO of the Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association. “It will help us to attract the best and brightest tech talent from around the world.”

The new scheme is also being welcomed by Indian tech professionals. “This is a welcome development,” said Alok Aggarwal, CEO of the Indian IT Industry Association. “It will give Indian tech professionals more opportunities to work in Canada and to contribute to the Canadian economy.”

Upcoming Innovation Stream 

The new H-1B visa scheme is a sign that Canada is serious about attracting more skilled workers in the tech sector. The scheme is likely to benefit thousands of Indian tech professionals and help to boost Canada’s tech economy.

The scheme also includes the development of an Innovation Stream under the International Mobility Program to attract highly talented individuals, options for which include:

1. open work permits for up to five years for highly skilled workers in select in-demand occupations.

2. employer-specific work permits for up to five years for workers destined to work for a company identified by the Government of Canada as contributing to our industrial innovation goals

The Innovation Stream will be launched by the end of this year. 

OECD has ranked Canada No.1 among the most attractive destination for immigrant entrepreneurs in 2023. Owing to this, IRCC relaxed norms for the Start-Up visa program. Get in touch with our expert counselors to learn more. 

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