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Canada ranked fourth most accepting country for immigrants

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A new study by Gallup has placed Canada in the fourth place among the most accepting countries for immigrants. The study involved 140 countries and Canada scored 8.14 out of 9 in the Migrant Acceptance Index of Gallup. Iceland got the first place, with New Zealand and Rwanda trailing. Canada is followed by Sierra Leone, Mali, Australia and Sweden.
Gallup used a questionnaire with three questions to access people’s acceptance of immigrants. The questions included whether immigrants living in their country, becoming their neighbours and marrying into their family were good or bad.

Canada scored 8.14 out of 9 based on answers from 2000 Canadians aged 15 and above. The United States score 7.86 ranking ninth. In 2017, many people from the United States had sought asylum in Canada, following stricter immigration rules introduced by the US.
The study observed that migrant acceptance in the US and Canada followed political fault lines. While those who approved of Trump’s job performance in the US scored 7.08 out of 9 on the Migrant Acceptance Index, those who disapproved his performance scored 8.54. At the same time, in Canada, those who approved  of Justin Trudeau’s performance scored 8.64 and those who disapproved scored 7.84. The study also noted that religious people were less accepting of migrants compared to non-religious people. Also the young, educated and urban living residents in both countries were more accepting of immigrants.
Both Canada and the US have a long history of receiving immigrants and without doubt we can say that migration will play an important role in shaping the future of these countries.
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