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Canada’s Biometric Rules to be Implemented on More Countries from December 31st

Canada’s Biometric Rules

The Canadian government recently came up with the new Biometric rules and the process was kickstarted and came in to effect on the 31st of July. Though at the beginning the rules were implemented only for people from Europe, Africa & the Middle East, it will be implemented to Asian regions and America from the 31st of December 2018.
The Canadian Government stated that the Biometric requirements were brought into existence to ensure the safety of the immigrants & the country. The new system helps the government to manage identities effectively and thereby simplify the entry process for individuals with permissible identities.

In an effort to make the process of submitting the Biometrics easy for individuals, the Canadian Government is opening Visa Application Centres (VAC) globally. This will make it possible for individuals to submit the Biometric details at any VAC. An individual will have to submit his/her biometric information once in every 10 years. The biometric fees for an individual would be CAD 85 and for a family applying together, the fees would a total of CAD 170.
The government has also announced that children below the age of 14 and individuals above the age of 79 should not have to submit their biometric details (though there is no age limit for asylum claimants). The Canadian government ensures that fingerprint verification will be conducted at eight major Canadian ports contributing to the quick and efficient entry for travelers.
Know more about what you have to do submit your fingerprints to the Canadian Government by getting in touch with us!

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