Canadian employers increasingly depending on immigration system to recruit workers

Employers in Canada are increasingly depending on the immigration system to recruit workers, revealed a study conducted by the Business Council of Canada. Employers choose immigrant workers with an aim to avoid revenue losses caused by delayed or cancelled contracts. Business Council of Canada found that around two-thirds of the companies were actively recruiting through the immigration system.

How Canada immigration system helps Canadian employers

Recruiting workers through the immigration system helps the employers to meet a variety of business needs, from enabling enterprise growth to increasing diversity in workforce, according to Goldy Hyder, president and CEO of the Business Council of Canada. Furthermore, immigration helps to fill positions which would otherwise remain vacant. Four out of five employers recruit through the immigration system with an aim to address labour shortages.
pnp-finderAround 80 of the member companies of the Business Council of Canada took part in the survey. They collectively employ more than 1.6 million Canadians in 20 industries and generate revenues worth around 1.2 trillion dollars as in 2020. Eighty percent of the companies which took part in the survey said they were experiencing difficulties in finding eligible workers. The report says that shortages exist in every province and territory, especially in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia.

A high level of labour shortage is experience in areas such as computer science, engineering and information technology. Further, employers are also struggling to recruit construction workers, plumbers, electricians and other skilled trades workers.

The survey also revealed that 67 percent of the employers were facing cancelled or delayed projects. 60 percent are on the verge of revenue losses and 30 percent of the employers are considering to relocate work outside Canada. More than a quarter of these employers also think that they would lose their market share owing to the lack of skilled workers.
These employers consider immigration as one of the key strategies for resolving labour shortages in Canada. 65 percent among these employers hire newcomers on an annual basis.

The report also revealed that Canadian companies would be recruiting more number of workers in the next three years. Most of the employers are planning to increase recruitment by 25 percent during this period.

The survey further found that the employers are satisfied with the employees they recruited through the immigration system. 89 of the employers say their new recruits have strong technical skills, while 70 per cent say that the workers have strong human skills.

Why Canada needs immigrant workers?

The phenomenon called the Great Retirement is attributed to be a major cause of increased labour shortage in Canada. According to data, one in every Canadian worker has reached their retirement age. The employers are struggling to find a replacement for these retiring workers.

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