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Huge number of opportunities in Canada’s hospitality sector


Hotels and restaurants in Canada are struggling to find young workers to fill their vacant positions, show data. Canada witnessed an 18 per cent decline in the number of workers in the service sector, during the last two and a half years. It includes a 22 per cent decline among 18 to 24 year olds and 15 per cent decline among 25-34 year olds. The first group is part of what is called Generation Z and the second group belong to the Millenials.
pnp-finderDuring the pandemic period, online shopping boomed and remote working opportunities increased. So many youngsters chose to grab these opportunities. This led to the service sector finding it difficult to find workers.

At the same time, the IT sector, which witnessed an exponential growth during the pandemic period, saw 36 per cent increase in the number of workers belonging to the age group of 18-24 years.

Opportunities for immigrants in Canada

A survey conducted by the Business Council of Canada shows that employers in the country need immigrants to run their businesses smoothly. Around two third of the companies which took part in the survey admitted that they were depending on the immigration system of Canada to recruit workers. It enables enterprise growth and helps them increase the diversity of their workforces. Further, immigration helps these employers fill vacant positions which otherwise would remain vacant. Four out of five employers are depending on the immigration system to address labour shortages.

Canada is facing a severe labour shortage crisis in the post pandemic period. Though almost all provinces and territories are experience labour shortage, it is sever in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia. Similarly IT, engineering and construction sectors struggling to find eligible workers.

In this context, Canadian companies are hoping to find a solution to this labour shortage crisis through immigration. The companies which took part in the survey think that they would have to increase their dependence on the immigration system to recruit eligible workers in the coming years.
This labour shortage crisis also indicates that there is huge number of opportunities for immigrant workers in Canada. So if you are planning to move to Canada, this is the right time to start the process. To know in detail, contact CanApprove.

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