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India remains top source country for immigrants to Canada

immigrants to Canada

India remained to be the top source country for immigrants to Canada in 2022. China came in the second place again, similar to a year ago. However, compared to 2021, the percentage of immigrants from these two countries decreased last year. While the percentage of immigrants from India was 32% in 2021, it came down to 27% in 2022. At the same time, China’s percentage was 8 in 2021, which came down to 7.2 in 2022. Other top source countries for immigrants to Canada were Afghanistan, Nigeria, Philippines, France, Pakistan, Iran, United States of America and Syria. These were revealed in the data released by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Canada pnp finder

Canada welcomed 437120 new immigrants in 2022

In 2022, a total of 437120 permanent residents (PRs) landed in Canada. This indicates an increase of around eight per cent in the number of immigrants compared to year 2021. So, in 2022, Canada exceeded its annual immigration target as per the Immigration Levels Plan 2022-24 by around 5000 people. This is third time in a row that Canada is welcoming more than 400,000 immigrants in a single year. 

Increase in economic immigration to Canada

Further, in 2022, the highest number of immigrants came to Canada through economic immigration programs. Of the total number of immigrants who came to Canada in 2022, around 58.5% came through economic immigration programs such as Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). 256000 was the number of economic immigrants who came to Canada in 2022. This is 14150 more than the actual target that had been set for economic immigrants to Canada.  97165 new permanent residents came through family class immigration programs last year. It means 22.2% of the total number of immigrants was family class immigrants. However, the actual target for the year was 105000. 

Ontario remains top destination for immigrants

Among the provinces, Ontario remained the top destination for immigrants in 2022. Quebec came second, followed by British Columbia. 42.2% of the new immigrants chose to settle in Ontario. Quebec welcomed 68685 new immigrants in 2022, which accounted for 15.7% of the total immigrants. While the percentage of immigrants who came to British Columbia in 2022 was 14. 

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