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IRCC’s campaign highlights the benefits of immigration

IRCC’s campaign highlights the benefits of immigration

The campaign, #ImmigrationMatters or #WelcomingWeek2022 being run by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is creating awareness on immigration among the Canadians and newcomers. The aim of this campaign is to make Canadians understand the benefits of immigration for the country. It also aims to create awareness among the potential immigrants on the gains of immigrating to Canada. The campaign features community events and also a website that shares immigration success stories, information on the immigration system of Canada as well as information on how Canadians can get involved with the immigration initiatives in their respective communities.
pnp-finderCanada has been welcoming a high number of immigrants over the past few years. In the current year, Canada has plans to welcome more than 432000 new permanent residents. Canada aims to maintain a strong labour force, strengthen its economy and create diverse and strong communities through immigration.

Why Canada attracts immigrants?

Opportunities for career growth and economic stability of the country are the two major factors that attract immigrants to Canada. Most of the newcomers who come to Canada settle in this country permanently and the retention rate of the country is 85%, states a report by IRCC.

Why Canada needs immigrants?

Canada’s population is aging fast and by 2030s, over nine million Canadian workers will reach their retirement age says IRCC. As Canada has one of the lowest birthrates among countries, there won’t be enough Canadians replace these retiring workers. So Canada will have to depend on immigrants to fill those labour gaps.

Canada currently has over one million job vacancies and the unemployment rate in the country is 4.9%. So, several industrial sectors in the country are facing a huge labour shortage. This is especially true for healthcare and social assistance sector, where there is a job vacancy rate of more than 6%, which is roughly 147500 unfilled positions.

Canada heavily depends on immigrant workers to fill the vacant positions in the healthcare sector. As per the census data from 2016, one in every four healthcare workers is an immigrant. Almost 23% nurses and 36% physicians in Canada are immigrants.

Besides 35% of nurse aides and related professionals, 37% pharmacists, 39% dentists and 54% dental technologists and related professionals in the country are immigrants. Also 33% of all business owners in Canada are immigrants. The country has more than 600000 self-employed immigrants and more than 260000 among them have paid employees.

IRCC to welcome more immigrants

As per the current Immigration Levels Plan by IRCC, the country would be welcoming a high number of immigrants in the coming few years. Almost 60% of them would be economic class immigrants or skilled workers. So far this year, Canada has welcomed around 138000 foreign skilled workers as permanent residents. These immigrants support Canadian society and economy in many ways.

They would be contributing their skills towards the growth of the country’s economy and paying taxes which would help Canada sustain its social security measures and development of infrastructure. As most of these candidates are young, they would also help Canada overcome their demographic crisis of slow population growth, caused by low birthrate and an aging population.
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