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IRCC updates online processing times tool for providing more accurate information


The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has brought about major updates to its online processing times tool. Now, the tool would give clients more accurate estimates of how long it would take to have their applications processed. Most of the permanent resident and citizenship services will now be using dynamic processing times.
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Processing time estimates

The processing time estimates will show the volumes of applications being processed and the latest operational realities. They show how long it took to process most complete applications in the past and this information is updated weekly. The tool will post data on these from previous six months on a weekly basis. So, it will allow immigration applicants to make plans based on a more accurate timeline. These upgrades are part of the IRCC’s efforts to modernise the immigration system. Earlier, the government website used to show only the service standard. It was in last January; Fraser announced that these changes would be implemented in the future months.

The processing times are calculated on the basis of the time taken to process 80% of applications in the past. It is the time period between the time when the IRCC receives the complete application and when a decision on it is made by the immigration officer.

Service standards

The service standards mean the IRCC’s commitments to process applications in a certain amount of time under normal circumstances. This information is also updated regularly. However, not all immigration programs have service standards. IRCC also issues reports comparing actual processing times with service standards on an annual basis.

Current processing times

As of now, the processing times for major immigration programs are as follows:

Canada is now taking serious efforts to tackle application processing backlogs so that the immigration system would be able to return to normalcy after being affected by the impact of the pandemic. Do you wish to know more about the Canada immigration process? Talk to the Canada immigration experts of CanApprove and find your best options to move to Canada Permanently. Contact CanApprove now!

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