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Canada announces new measures to strengthen family reunification

family reunification

As we already know, reuniting families is one of the important priorities when it comes to the immigration policies of Canada. Proving this further, Canada has announced a few major improvements which are meant to strengthen family class immigration to Canada. These include:

  • Faster processing of Temporary Resident Visa(TRV) for spousal applicants
  • Dedicated processing tools for spousal TRV applicants
  • New open work permit for family class applicants
  • Open work permit extensions

Making these announcements, Canada’s immigration minister Sean Fraser said that those who have submitted their permanent residency applications under the Family Class may apply for Temporary Resident Visas to join their sponsors in Canada. He added that the IRCC could successfully eliminate the backlog of TRV applications for family members whose PR applications are already under processing. The IRCC has approved more than 98% of TRV applications from spouses and kids, so that they could join their families in Canada, even before their PR applications are processed. The minister further informed that as a result of the new approach to processing of TRV applications, the processing times will be reduced to 30 days.Canada pnp finderThe IRCC will soon launch a new initiative under which, open work permits will be issued to spousal applicants and their dependent children, who reside with their sponsors in Canada on temporary visa. So, they will be able to apply for and receive an open work permit as soon as they submit the application for Canada PR under the Family Class Immigration Programs.

Earlier, only those who were applying from inside Canada were eligible for these work permits. But now, even those who apply from outside Canada can apply for these temporary work permits.

Another major announcement was that, if an open work permit is about to expire between August 1st and the end of 2023, can extend the permit for 18 months using a free facilitated process. It will benefit around 25000 people who are already in Canada. This will come into effect on June 7.

Family Class immigration programs

As per the Immigration Levels Plan of Canada for 2023-25, Canada will be welcoming 106500 newcomers through Family Class Immigration Programs in 2023. It means Family Class Immigration will be the second largest category for immigration, during this period. Among the total number of Family Class immigrants to be welcomed, 78000 will be spouses, partners and children, while 28500 will be welcomed through the Parents and Grandparents Program. By 2025, the total annual intake of newcomers through Family Class Immigration programs will be 118000.

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