Predictions about post-pandemic scenario in Canada immigration

post-pandemic scenario

Many are those who wish to migrate to Canada in the near future and all of them are eager to know how the post-pandemic Canada immigration scenario will be like. The future of Canada immigration will be shaped by a number of internal and external factors that include demographics, economy, politics, processing capacity of the immigration system and the capacity of the Canadian society to integrate newcomers. Externally, the global circumstances are also going to have an impact on Canada immigration.

Canada’s immigration policy

Canadian government thinks that Canada needs more immigrants to support its post-pandemic economic recovery. Marco Mendicino, the immigration minister of Canada, has said that immigration would remain an “enduring value” after pandemic. Even the Canadians have a positive outlook towards immigration. A recent survey by the Association for Canadian Studies found that majority of young Canadian think immigration will help the long-term economic recovery of Canada.

Immigration to boost Canada’s population growth

Canada’s population is aging fast and the country’s birth rate is low. Experts also predict that the economic uncertainty caused by the Coronavirus pandemic will bring the birthrate of Canada further down. Owing to this reason, Canada will need more immigrants to sustain a healthy population growth.

Further, many workers in the baby boomer generation are expected to retire by 2030. Canada certainly needs more workers to replace them. According to the Conference Board of Canada, immigrants will be responsible for 100 percent of Canada’s population growth by 2034.

Studies have found that immigrants succeed well as entrepreneurs and workers in Canada. They observed that an immigrant-owned business is more likely to create a new product or innovate on an existing process. It is also found that skilled workers who come to Canada integrate well to the Canadian labour market and become financially successful.

External factors affecting Canada immigration

The global events certainly have an impact on Canada immigration. This year, the Canada immigration system was severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic, which brought down the number of immigrants admitted to Canada in the past few months. At the same time, a survey by the World Education Services (WES) has found that the coronavirus pandemic has increased the global interest in Canada immigration, owing the effective manner in which Canada handled the pandemic situation and prevented it from going out of control.

Canada’s job market was fast to recover from the impact of COVID 19. However, the future of Canada immigration in 2021 and beyond is difficult to predict as coronavirus continues to be a serious threat to global health and economy. It is expected that Canada will take into account all these factors while shaping the Immigration Levels Plan for 2021-2023.

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