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Canada reduces work experience requirement for caregivers

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Canada has reduced the work experience required for foreign nationals to apply for permanent residence under its Caregiver programs in half. So, in order to apply for permanent residence under Caregiver programs, the candidates now need only one year of experience instead of two.Canada pnp finderCaregivers are an important option for families in Canada and have played an instrumental role in the lives of many growing children, aging parents, and those who need additional specialized care. By reducing the work experience required in Canada to one year, more caregivers and their families will become eligible to transition to permanent residence sooner, meaning that they can settle down and start the next chapter of their lives here in Canada, said Sean Fraser, Canada’s Immigration Minister.

With this change, the processing times of applications under the caregiver programs are expected to reduce significantly. This will benefit up to 90 per cent of the applications currently being processed. This is going to benefit both caregivers who have started their career in Canada and those who have been working in the country for some months.

The immigration minister also indicated that the current pilot caregiver programs would soon be made permanent. The lower work experience requirement would come into effect on April 30, 2023. It will have retrospective effect for caregivers who have already submitted their application for permanent residence.

Canada launched the five-year Home Child Care Provider(HCCP) and Home Support Worker(HSW) pilots in 2019. Ever since, around 1600 caregivers and their family members have become permanent residents through these programs. In 2022, around 1100 caregivers and their family members became permanent residents through these two programs.

 Why Canada needs immigrants?

Canada sees immigration as a solution for its labour shortage and demographic problems. Canada’s labour growth is totally dependent on immigration and more thatn 75 per cent of Canada’s population growth comes from immigration. It is predicted that, by 2036, almost 30 per cent of Canada’s population will be immigrants. With an aim to attract more skilled workers, Canada is taking several steps to improve its immigration system. Reducing the work experience requirement for caregivers is one such step.

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