Permanent residents to be allowed to join Canada’s military soon

Permanent residents will soon be allowed to join Canada’s Armed Forces. This was announced in an Instagram post by Canada’s Armed Forces(CAF). A formal announcement of the Department of National Defence regarding the same is expected in the coming days.

Until now, permanent residents were not allowed to serve the military owing to issues related to security clearance. But now, the policy is being changed owing to the urgent shortage of recruits. In March this year, Canada’s defence minister Anita Anand had said that Canada’s military needed to grow, especially in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, in April, Canada’s Armed Forces(CAF) made it clear that they were not yet ready waive the citizenship recruitment. But as per a report by Toronto Star, Canada is short of 12000 regular force troops for its full strength of 100000 regular force members.

Skilled Military Foreign Applicant (SMFA) of Canada

Currently, the only pathway for permanent residents to join Canada’s military is the Skilled Military Foreign Applicant(SMFA) program. This program targets individuals with a unique skill set, which will reduce the cost of training or fill a special need within the CAF, like a pilot or doctor. Candidates under the program receive a waiver of citizenship. However, only 15 applicants have gained permanent residency through this pathway till date.

For a person to join Canada’s Armed Forces, they must be a citizen of Canada, above the age of 18(or 16 with parental consent) and have a minimum education level of grade 10 or grade 12. The same will be applicable to permanent residents.

Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan for 2023-25

As per the Immigration Levels Plan of Canada for 2023-25, the country would admit as high as 500000 new permanent residents in 2025. As per Census 2021, around a quarter of Canadians are landed immigrants or permanent residents.

Canada’s military gives preference to immigrants as they arrive in Canada during their younger, working age years and so, they would be physically active. It means the currently policy change will greatly benefit new immigrants by opening up numerous opportunities for them. 
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