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Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream conducts largest draw

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The largest draw on record under the Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream was held on September 20, 2018. This was revealed as the details of the draws under the Entrepreneur and International Graduate of Nova Scotia immigration held on the same day have come out.
In the Entrepreneur draw, 43 candidates were invited to apply, with the minimum score being 109 points. The number of candidates invited in the previous draw held on August 7, 2018 was 32 and the minimum score was 116. Earlier, the highest number of invitations to have been sent in a monthly draw was 36.

In the draw for its International Graduate Entrepreneur stream held on the day, one candidate with a score of 47 points was invited to apply.

Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream

Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream is for candidates with experience in owning or managing a business. The stream invites candidates through an Expression of Interest system. Eligible candidates are first issued a temporary work permit. They must live in Nova Scotia, start a new business or buy an existing one and actively participate in the day-to-day management of the business. After one year, they can apply for permanent residence in Canada.

Application process

Applying for Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream involves six major steps
>Submitting Expression of Interest
>Receiving Invitation to Apply
>In-person Interview and Business Performance Agreement
>Obtaining work permit and starting business in Nova Scotia
>Submitting request for provincial nomination
>Applying for Permanent Residence in Canada

Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream: Eligibility criteria

-Minimum age of 21
-Intention to live permanently in Nova Scotia; own and actively manage a business in Nova Scotia.
-Minimum net worth of $600,000.
-Minimum investment of $150,000 to establish or purchase a business in Nova Scotia.
-Minimum three years of experience in actively managing and owning a business or 5 years of experience in managing business in a senior role.
-Score minimum of 5 on the Canadian Language Benchmark in speaking, listening, reading and writing in English or French.
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