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Canada set to rein in fraudulent immigration consultants

With an aim to hold immigration consultants to account and to protect vulnerable people from dishonest consultants, Canada is planning to introduce a new legislation, informed a news release issued by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).  The proposed legislation, included in the 2019 Budget Implementation Act, will make the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (the College) the official watchdog of consultants across the country. The College will have the power and tools needed to protect both the public and consultants in good-standing. These include “the authority for vigorous oversight, investigations and the means to root out fraudulent immigration and citizenship consultants and hold them accountable for their actions,” explains the news release.
The College will ensure that immigration consultants operate in a professional and ethical manner. The College will have the authority to enter the premises of a consultant for investigation when any wrongdoing is suspected and the ability to request court injunctions against unauthorized consultants.
The College will also be entrusted to implement mandatory and robust training courses for those wishing to obtain an immigration and citizenship consulting license; introduce transparency on fees; establish a better system for people to make formal complaints; and create a victims’ compensation fund.
Further, the proposed legislation will double the current monetary penalty for offences. It will also give authority to the IRCC to establish administrative penalties aimed at compliance with the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and the Citizenship Act.
Besides the implementation of new legislation, Canada Government is planning to launch extensive public awareness activities that will include establishing dedicated community outreach officers in visa offices abroad, to protect susceptible people from fraudulent consulting practices.
Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, said, “These changes will protect both Canadians and prospective newcomers as well as the many consultants in good-standing that are providing immigration and citizenship services ethically and professionally. While practicing law, I have seen the devastating effect these fraudulent “experts” have had on vulnerable people and I am committed to hold them to the highest standard. It is what is right, it is what is fair and it is time to put an end of an era of those preying on defenseless people.”
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