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Fly to New Zealand & learn to cross wing land – All about Commercial Pilot License (CPL) training

Pilot License

New Zealand

A fairyland which owns greenified hills all-over, beaches to enjoy and dense forests to explore. It has people from different parts of the globe with different cultures. This is an island as a country with, economic freedom, a better quality of living, protection to civilians, best education, good healthcare, low crime rate, a temperate climate and what not? The best place to live in. It welcomes people across the globe to serve its national performance operations. Notably, it’s the least corrupted country in the globe, determining its diplomacy.

New Zealand has a superior education system in the world. It is the best choice for higher studies. The students practising the courses in New Zealand tend to have a bright future undoubtedly. Also, it is the front-runner in offering aviation and pilot training programs which is an unknown fact for many. It has the pilot training industry which is serving for more than 100 years and worth $17 billion per annum thus creating more and more qualified pilots who are dignified across the world. One of the main reasons for New Zealand possessing pilot training is that it has large airspace for aviation which is more helpful for training.

NZAA – New Zealand Airline Academy

The New Zealand Airline Academy, established by the air transport professionals, is working for 2 decades and has a white-collared experience in helping the candidates choose the right program which suits the individual. The officials of the management are those who did in-depth research before they chose New Zealand for their aviation practice.

Considering the majestic growth in the field of air transport and requirement for more qualified pilots, the national trade academy has joined hands with NZAA by demand, to produce good quality pilots by providing commercial pilot training for the international candidates.

The inception of National trade academy was in January 2000. Having the area of 70-hectare campus in Christchurch, the academy provided land-based and English language programs for its students.

 Reasons for practising Courses in New Zealand

  • You study in one of the top 5 safest countries in the globe.
  • You own very high living standards and regards for your work across the world.
  • Work part-time while studying and know better about New Zealand workplace.
  • You are internationally recognized by having a degree from a New Zealand university.
  • Superior and happy lifestyle at a low cost of living during the period of the course.
  • Live in a politically stable country.
  • The code of practice by the NZAA is providing the pastoral care for the international students with its subcontract with national trade academy.

PPL – Private Pilot License

This is the baby step to gain your wings! A PPL holder acquires the eligibility to act as a Pilot-in-Command but cannot work for a salary. This is similar to holding a Private Motorcar Licence and the license holder will be able to drive alone or take family or friends on a drive.

CPL – Commercial Pilot License Training

          The CPL training is provided at the New Zealand Airline Academy, which is located in the Waitaki region at Omaru airport terminal. The training for international students is brought out by the national trade academy with well-equipped technology, which is approved by NZQA. Before commencing for the CPL training in New Zealand, the applicant must also have a PPL (Private Pilot License).

Training is Delivered for a period of 52 weeks

Single Engine Dual Training                        78-85 hours

Single Engine Solo Training                        102 hours

Flight Simulator                                          20 hours

Multi Engine Rating                                    15-22 hours

Total Hours                                                 222 hours


New Zealand airline academy gives the best accommodation for the international students by providing separate, furnished living rooms in aviator’s place at omaru. Also, it provides transportation from and to the living place and airport. Omaru is a tourist place which is an attraction for Penguins, Patrimonial buildings and Victorian borders.


  • You become a more prestigious person.
  • Either you become a pilot trainer in New Zealand or return to India and become a commercial pilot after taking a qualification test.
  • Your passion becomes your profession.
  • You master the art of flying.
  • You become a better person.
  • Of course, you live in one of the best cities in the world.

CanApprove helps you to get your admission in New Zealand and provides constant support from the beginning until the end of the process as you fly New Zealand. Our team of experts help you collect the necessary documents which are needed for your approval and ensure that your process gets completed successfully. Connect with CanApprove to know further.

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