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How To Migrate To Quebec?

Every individual has his/her own reasons to migrate to Quebec. Some people want to immigrate to become a permanent employee in Quebec whereas some people migrate with the prospects of starting a new business while some want to join & study in reputed foreign universities. Like the interests differ from individual to individual, the process of Quebec immigration also differs along with it.

Quebec offers an immense number of opportunities to people who wish to migrate to Quebec and settle within it. Those people who have undertaken their graduation in the province of Quebec can settle down and obtain permanent residence visa in Quebec by seeking an employment program which suits best for them. By this way, he/she could get rid off the question as to how to migrate to Quebec from their minds.

How To Apply For Quebec Immigration?

As said above, an individual can migrate to Quebec in a number of ways, but the skilled worker program is considered to be one of the easiest and also the most preferred ways to migrate to Quebec. Migrating to Quebec under the Quebec Skilled Worker program involves the following steps to be followed:

  • To start off with, the candidate must apply to the Quebec Government for a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ).
  • After receiving CSQ the candidate must apply to become a permanent resident of Canada through Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
  • The selection of the particular candidate completely depends on the points system under which the applicant is allotted points based on his/her age, education, occupation, language skills, spouse characteristics, number of children etc.
  • The candidate must thoroughly understand the visa & application procedures of Quebec immigration before he/she applies for PR under Quebec skilled worker program. If you feel things are difficult to understand, we can help & guide you throughout.
Why Is Quebec Considered The Best Place To Migrate?

The Quebec Province is considered as the best place to immigrate taking into account the following factors:

  • A wide range of employment opportunities and an immigration process which is not so difficult is one of the reasons why people migrate to Quebec.  Every single year, the province selects thousands & thousands of immigrants based on their skills, abilities and their potential to contribute to the Quebec economy.
  • Quebec basically has a rich natural vegetation and an environment which is safe & secure. Gaining knowledge of Quebec’s culture, laws & society would help you lead a serene and a quiet life in Quebec.
  • The Quebec province has a total of 17 regions within it, each one of them distinct in their own ways. Every region offers different kinds of opportunities to their immigrants. Living cost in Quebec is low making it an ideal to place to migrate and settle.

The above-stated reasons provide a solution to your question as to why you should migrate to Quebec.

How Are Quebec Immigration Applications Processed?
  • An applicant who is eligible to apply must first complete the Mon project Québec, which is an online immigration application and submit the application on the submission start date.
  • Once the application is successfully submitted, we will receive a notification to pay the Government fee. The payment must be made within 30 days.
  • We can update changes such as changes in contact information, family status, language test results etc, in the application for a limited period once the Immigration Department allows us to do so.
  • After the updation period, the Quebec immigration Department will send us a personalized checklist. We should submit the documents according to the checklist.
  • Once the documents are successfully submitted, the Quebec immigration department will start the processing of the application and will let us know their final decision.
  • Once CSQ is issued then we can start the PR procedures.

Migrating to Quebec could provide the candidate with better opportunities and infinite possibilities. It is up to the candidate to choose under which immigration program he/she chooses to migrate to Quebec.

Our team of immigration experts can conduct a free assessment and check your eligibility to migrate to Quebec. Contact us to know more.

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