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Job Opportunities in Canada 2020

Job Opportunities in Canada

By the virtue of being the most preferred destination for immigration, plenty of job opportunities in Canada are on offer for deserving foreign skilled workers and professionals. The latest report by Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) has revealed high job vacancies in Canada. Thus, the country is dependent on immigration to lower the number of job vacancies.    

Eligible immigrants usually find job opportunities in Canada with rated skill type 0 (managerial), skill level A (professional), skilled level B (technician) under Canada’s National Occupation Classification (NOC). 

For the convenience of our readers, we have summarised the top 12 high-demanding jobs in Canada for the year 2020. 

12 high-demand Jobs in Canada for Indians 2020:

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Registered Nurse:

Job opportunities in Canada for Registered Nurse are plenty. As the demography of Canadian population is undergoing major changes, the demand for Registered Nurses across the different provinces of Canada is gradually increasing. Several provinces have come out with their own Nursing Strategy for upcoming years to increase the intake of foreign Registered Nurses in order to meet the rising demands. Average yearly pay: $58,800 to $85,000High-demanding provinces: New Brunswick, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Ontario, British Columbia.

Occupational or Physiotherapy Assistant:

Canada’s ageing population has opened doors for immigration to the country. It has opened up job opportunities in Canada for foreign skilled immigrants as a Physiotherapist and is expected to be in high demand for the upcoming years. Average yearly pay: $25,600 to $58,000High-demanding provinces: Ontario, British Columbia & Saskatchewan.

Software Engineer:

Opportunity as software developer/software engineer is the most looked out for jobs in Canada for Indians. Toronto is the upcoming Silicon Valley of the region as demand for software engineers will only see a rise in 2020. Average yearly pay: $65,400 to $80,000High-demanding provinces: Alberta, Ontario & British Columbia.

Licensed Practical Nurse:

Licensed Practical Nurse as a job opportunity in Canada is in high-demand for the upcoming year because of the same reason as that of Registered Nurse. As Licensed Practical Nurse workforce is younger to workforce of Registered Nurse, it becomes one of the hot pick jobs in Canada for Indians and elsewhere. Average hourly wage: $26 High-demanding provinces: British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Islands, Quebec.

Construction Estimator:

Although a huge number of job opportunities in Canada in construction industry remained vacant, it extends the scope of hiring foreign skilled immigrants to fill up these vacant positions.  Average yearly pay: $57,500High-demanding provinces: Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan.

Project Managers:Job opportunities in Canada for Project Managers shall always be in high-demand as the country is increasing its economic production year-on-year. The experienced professionals in Customer Relationship Management will easily be picked up for such jobs.Average yearly pay: $82,600High-demanding provinces: Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec.  

General Labours:

One of the suitable jobs in Canada for Indians is a life as a general labour. Although mechanisation has replaced most of the traditional jobs, labour workers are in demand for simpler jobs in CanadaAverage yearly pay: $29,250 to $39,000High-demanding provinces: Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Alberta

Sales Associates:

Experienced associates in Business to Business and Business to Customer sales shall remain in high-demand in Canada for the upcoming years. Average yearly pay: $21,000 to $40,300High-demanding provinces: New Brunswick, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia.


Well-qualified & experienced professionals in the field of taxation, auditing, payrolls are in increasing demand as economic activities in the region is increasing year-on-year.  Average yearly pay: $50,400High-demanding provinces: Quebec, Saskatchewan, Ontario, British Columbia.

College or Vocational Instructors:

College or Vocational Instructors is one of best jobs in Canada for Indians. The rising vacancies and upward flux in immigrants keep this job in high-demand. Average yearly pay: $43,250 to $72,500High-demanding provinces: Yukon, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Alberta.

Electrical Engineer:

Graduates in Electrical or Electronic engineering or licensed professionals may find suitable job opportunities in Canada in the upcoming year. Average yearly pay: $77,800High-demanding provinces: Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia.


Experienced labours from forklifts to delivery vehicles, job opportunities in Canada as a Driver are plenty. Average yearly pay: $54,500 to $80,650High-demanding provinces: Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia.

Be future-ready, find the best job opportunities in Canada!

The prediction of future job trends in Canada is a tricky business. Although guesses can be made based on the prevalent patterns in labour market. The future of jobs is estimated to be so dynamic that nearly 65% of students in their initial schooling age will end up in jobs that do not yet exist!Canada, like any other advanced country, is undergoing demographic, technological, environmental & social changes that may have an impact on the way- the work is carried out today. Yet present jobs in Canada shall continue to exist whereas our approach towards the jobs are likely to change. For the convenience of our readers, we have arranged the future job opportunities in Canada based on the current changes that the country is undergoing. 
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  1. Registered Nurse
5. Construction Estimator 9. Accountants
     2. Occupational or Physiotherapy Assistant 6. Project Managers  10. College or Vocational instructors
     3. Software Engineer 7. General Labours 11. Electrical Engineer
     4.Licensed Practical Nurse 8. Sales Associates 12. Drivers
  Future Jobs Current median salary
Demographic changes viz Ageing Population Biomedical Engineer $85,342
Nurse Practitioner $93,600
Physiotherapist $75,902
Financial Planner $64,480
Pharma-genetics specialist New
Body organ manufacturer New
Immigration Consultant $46,469
Technological advances Computer system analyst $79,997
Information security analyst $68,411
Augmented or Virtual reality developer New
Drone Traffic controller New
3D-Printing technician New
Privacy Manager New
Environmental changes Convertible waste energy expert New
Urban farmer New
Weather control engineer New
Carbon capture specialist New
Wave energy producer New


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