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Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) in British Columbia province of Canada is accepting applications for the winter intake, Jan 2020!

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Applications for Jan 2020, the winter intake, are accepted by Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) located at the British Columbia Province of Canada!

Abroad education is the most enchanting part of one’s life. The person planning his / her abroad education anticipates the best experience from the start. When it comes to abroad education, students from different parts of the world become a closed knit comprising the community of grads. Abroad education gives totally a different, a never before experience. Students tend to live the abroad life to the fullest in living, socialization, education and aura.

Canada is providing the best education from its world-class universities. The government and universities together focus on providing education programs which are best suited for the students. Moreover, education and living in Canada is more affordable when compared to other countries.

The country also has simple and smooth procedures for migration and education. There are more possibilities for the students to work there after their course of study. All these merits stand as the reasons for Canada being one of the favourite study abroad destination of international students.

This blog is for you if you have abroad education in your line of thinking! Go on…

British Columbia

British Columbia is one of the Canadian provinces which is located in the westernmost part of Canada in between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. BC marks Canada’s third most populous province with an estimated population of 5.034 million as per the 2019 statistics. The capital of BC is Victoria which is the fifteenth largest metropolitan city of Canada.

British Columbia is one of the province meant for travel and adventure lovers. 75% of the province is mountainous and 60% is forested. This province has an outdoor culture of trekking, camping, mountaineering and hiking kind of activities which is totally engrossing. You should strongly consider BC if you are a travel lover and having a plan to migrate!

BC makes money by service industries, agriculture and resource extracting processes like farming, mining and logging. The climate of British Columbia is humid continental with warm summers and cold winters. Coastal areas witness rain and drizzle in the northern part. It is a paradise for nature lovers. if you are one, then go on!

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) was established in 1981 in British Columbia, Canada. The college has campuses at Surrey, Richmond, Langley and Cloverdale.

In 1995, KPU became a university college and in 2008, it evolved as a polytechnic university. The college along with the government (affiliations), is keeping on delivering the immense work of providing quality education to the students since its establishment.

The programs offered in this college are chosen with the objective of meeting labour market needs and to increase the employability rate. The courses include;


  • Faculty of Arts (Undergraduate)
  • Anthropology (Bachelors & Associate Degree)
  • Asian studies (Bachelors & Associate Degree)
  • Creative Writing (Bachelors & Associate Degree)
  • Criminology (Bachelors, Associate Degree, Diploma & Certificate)
  • English (Bachelors, Associate Degree, Diploma & Certificate)
  • Fine Arts (Bachelors, Diploma & Certificate)
  • Geography (Bachelors & Associate Degree)
  • General Studies (Bachelors, Associate Degree, Diploma)
  • History (Bachelors, Associate Degree)
  • Journalism (Bachelors)
  • Music
  • Philosophy (Bachelors, Associate Degree)
  • Policy Studies (Bachelors)
  • Political Science (Bachelors, Associate Degree)
  • Psychology (Bachelors, Associate Degree)
  • Sociology (Bachelors, Associate Degree)
  • Accounting Diploma (Bachelors, Diploma & Certificate)
  • Accounting Post Baccalaureate (2 Years PG)
  • Business Administration Diploma
  • Business Management Diploma
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Associate Degree – Economics
  • Bachelor of Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • General Studies (Diploma / Certificate)
  • Bachelor of Human Resource Management
  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Marketing
  • Marketing Diploma
  • Post Baccalaureate – Operations & Supply Chain Management (2 Years PG)
  • Post Baccalaureate – Technical Management & Services (2 Years PG)
  • Bachelor of Science – Biology
  • Diploma in Computer Aided Design & Drafting (2 Years)
  • Bachelor of Science – Health Science
  • Horticulture Diploma (2 Years)
  • Sc. Mathematics
  • Associate Degree – Mathematics
  • Sc. Physics
  • Sc. Plant health
  • Sc. Sustainable Agriculture
  • Sc. Urban Ecosystems
  • Global Business Management (2 Years)
  • Green Business Management & Sustainability (2 Years)

Kwantlen Polytechnic University provides all these courses in different branches of campus throughout the province. Students get to work in a relevant and good profession related to the field of study. KPU prioritises artistic courses thus students passionate about it can choose their course parallel to their field of interest.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University has few affiliations like AUCC (Universities Canada), IAU (International Association of Universities), CICan (Colleges and Institutes Canada), ACU (The Association of Commonwealth Universities), CBIE (Canadian Bureau of International Education) and CUP (Canadian University Press).

It is explicit that a student from a Canadian university will be recognised all over the world and also will get a handful of job opportunities with lucrative pay. Waiting? What for? Proceed to the registration process…

Registration Process

          Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) in British Columbia province of Canada is accepting applications for the winter intake, Jan 2020! The line should be crossed before September 30, 2019. Apply before the deadline. How? With CanApprove.

We are here to help you. CanApprove is a 21-year-old consultancy providing immigration and education services successfully for more than 2 decades, since 1998. Our team of experts assist you in all possible aspects of your abroad plan. Connect with us to know more about KPU and registration process…

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