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Manitoba Institute of Trade and Technology accepting applications for Jan 2020 intake. Winter is coming!

Manitoba Institute

Bringing to your notice that the Manitoba Institute of Trade and Technology is accepting the applications for the intakes of January, the winter of 2020. It is a known fact that Canada is being the favourite study abroad destination for international students because of its flawless and top-class education system. Studying in Canada enables the person to acquire professional knowledge in the field in which the candidate practices.

Canada houses the top universities and colleges in all its provinces which are best in the world. The universities in Canada has a good campus community which focuses on the skillsets as well as personality development of its students. These universities have vast resources to be utilized which would be a tool to the knowledge acquisition. One such University is the Institute of Trade and Technology in the Manitoba province, Canada.


          Manitoba, one of the three prairie provinces (Alberta and Saskatchewan are the other two), is noted to be the fifth most populous province of Canada. Ontario and Saskatchewan are the eastern and western borders of Manitoba respectively. Being a prairie province, the economy of Manitoba relies on agriculture, forestry and tourism primarily. Manitoba experiences a continental climate with warm summers and very cold winters. It is a greenish land which pleases the person residing there. It is the best place which is happy and peaceful to live. Thinking of living in such an alluring place is quite exciting. Huh?

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Manitoba Institute of Trade and Technology

          MITT is doing a tremendous service for the students’ community by providing its knowledge resources and delivering the best education system to the students in there, Since its setup in 1983. The quality and standard of education has been developed over the years and evolved as a veteran in educating people from different parts of the world.

Being one of the best institutes in Winnipeg, MITT is focussing on doing its great job in the coming years too. Its superior coaching standards, openness to international students and providing job opportunities are some of the reasons for it being a good and a well-named institute.

The courses offered by the Manitoba Institute paves the way for better career development and placements. The following courses are offered to the students at different levels of education;

PG Programs

  • Post-Graduate Certificate – International Business
  • Post-Graduate Certificate – Leadership and Management
  • Post-Graduate Diploma – Human Resources Learning and Development 

UG Programs

  • College Certificate – Auto Mechanics (Co-op)
  • College Certificate – Business Administrative Assistant
  • College Certificate – Electrical Applications
  • College Certificate – Culinary Arts and Design
  • College Certificate – Hairstyling
  • College Certificate – Hotel and Hospitality Services
  • College Certificate – Industrial Mechanic/Millwright
  • College Certificate – Motorsport Technician
  • College Certificate – Network and Computer Technology
  • College Certificate – Industrial Welding
  • College Certificate – Pharmacy Technician (Can be opted by both High School completed students and Undergraduates in the related field)

Diploma Programs

  • College Diploma – Early Childhood Education
  • College Diploma – Software Developer

Studying the above-mentioned courses in MITT – Canada gives the results which are very fruitful. The candidates are qualified to be better professionals in the field of study, which makes them purely eligible to get placed in the desired job. There are enormous job opportunities for the students graduated from a Canadian Institute and MITT is no exception!

As per the statistics, 90% of the MITT students are placed. The institute possesses a good campus community which is constantly working on the betterment of the students and their lives. The services provided by MITT for its students are really substantial, thus satisfying the students’ needs.

Admission and Applications

          MITT is accepting applications for the winter intake, January 2020. The opening commenced on 4th June 2019. The deadline for applying is 14th June 2019. Hurry up! Winter is coming…

To know more about the application process, Contact CanApprove. We are here to help you to get your admission at the Manitoba Institute of Trade and Technology. Don’t wait. Connect with our team of experts to know more about the courses and admissions in MITT.

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