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    Nunavut is Canada’s newest territory and currently does not have a Nunavut PNP. And there are no specific services available for immigrants.

    Nunavut has been a part of Canada for more than 100 years. With 25 communities and just over 33,300 people, the province of Nunavut has the smallest population among all of Canada’s provinces and territories. The Inuit people make up 85 percent of the Nunavut population and have lived there for thousands of years.

    Nunavut is full of natural resources and home to many beloved arctic creatures. The natural resources in Nunavut are slowly creating new job opportunities in mining, technology and economic development. All residents of Nunavut get education and healthcare. The Government of Nunavut works with community governments to help them meet the needs of all their people. Though Nunavut PNP does not exist, it is eager to welcome skilled workers who can contribute towards its growing economy.

    Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program

    The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) enables Provincial and Territorial governments in Canada to attract immigrants to their region. Though there is no Nunavut PNP, immigrants can apply to the PNP programs of other provinces and territories

    If you choose to immigrate to Canada as a provincial nominee you must:

    • Apply and complete the provincial nomination process of the Province or Territory you wish to settle in.
    • Each province and territory has its own immigration program with varying requirements, except for Quebec,
    • which has a different system from Canada altogether.
    • Demonstrate the skillset and ability to contribute to the economy of the province/territory you are applying to.
    • Receive a Provincial Nomination Certificate from the province/territory.

    After you receive the Provincial Nomination Certificate, you must:

    • Send an application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for Permanent Residence.
    • A CIC officer will assess your application based on the Canadian Immigration requirements. These applications will not be assessed based on the six selection factors of the Federal Skilled Workers Program.

    All applicants must:

    • Complete and pass a medical examination.
    • security clearance.
    • Demonstrate sufficient funds to support himself/herself and his/her dependents after arriving in Canada.

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