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Power Engineering Technician Course – More to know!

Power Engineering

It is quite obvious that Canada is a country which has an abundant number of options both to work and to study, all due to the rapid development of the Canadian economy which is surging in the positive direction every single day. Ranked as one of the top study abroad destinations in the world, Canada has been taking in international students for a very long time and also provides them with the option to become a Canadian Permanent Resident. Canada houses some of the best Universities & Colleges in all its provinces and offer students a diverse range of courses to choose. Choosing a course which has opportunities & scope, in the long run, could benefit your career to a great extent and one such course you should be opting is the Power Engineering Technician course provided by Parkland college of Saskatchewan province.

What is a Power Engineering Technician course?

Power Engineering Technician Course is a one-year course offered by Parkland College in Saskatchewan, which helps you to become an expert in the world’s most inevitable industry. This course can be opted by the candidates those who completed 12th grade or a diploma or any under-graduation program.  As the process & the industry gets more & more difficult day by day, Canada is looking out for skilled experts and not to wonder that this has become one of the most in-demand occupations in Canada.

Studying a Power Engineering Technician Course would help you get an exposure towards the basics of power generation process which includes gas, coals, biomass, safety training, electrical controls & instrumentation, maintenance, industrial safety & more.

How pursuing Power Engineering course at Parkland college helps you?

Parkland college is one of the oldest & reputed colleges in Saskatchewan province, delivering quality education to students for the past four decades & more, choosing Parkland college for pursuing your course could be highly beneficial for your career and is a smart investment for your future. The college also offers you abundant scholarship opportunities along with tuition fee refund which could be of great help in optimizing your study abroad expenses. You also get introduced to a wide range of industry skills which helps you gain an edge when it comes to finding employment opportunities, thus giving you a few solid reasons as to why you should be pursuing Power Engineering Technician course in Parkland college.

Career opportunities: –

After completing a Power Engineering Technician course, you get a huge number of career opportunities in front of you and below mentioned are some of the fields & industries you could be working in:

  • Industrial & Heating Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Pulp & Paper Mills
  • Mines
  • Heavy Oil Industries
  • Oil Patch,
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Chemical Plants & more.,


          The benefits of power engineering courses are;

  • You have a vast career opportunity because of the rising demands in this field.
  • Candidates who have completed 12th or UG or Diploma can opt this course without any restrictions.
  • Apply for PR with an increase in CRS points.
  • Get your tuition fee refunded based on your academic performance with the help of the Graduate Retention Program.
  • You become a certified power engineer by the province itself because it is a government regulated course.

Parkland in Saskatchewan province is one of the best colleges you should be considering for your studies. With tuition fee that is quite low when compared to most of the universities and the college intake lying just right ahead in front of you (contact us for more details), you should definitely consider immigrating to Parkland college at once!

Get in touch with our team of experts if you feel that this is the right course for you! Also get a free eligibility assessment & counselling today!

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