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Six Things You Should Consider before Choosing a Canadian University

choosing a Canadian university

Keep these in mind while choosing a Canadian university

The decision to pursue your education at a university in Canada will definitely change the course of your life in the better direction. But there are a few things you should consider before choosing a Canadian university, based on your priorities and aspirations. You should start searching the best Canadian university at least 12 months in advance as you will need some time to complete the application process.

Consider these before choosing a Canadian university

1. Credentials offered

Before choosing a Canadian university, you must decide the kind of education and the type of credential that you want to pursue. Consider bachelor’s degree, associate’s degree, diploma or certificate. Each credential is of different duration. There is also a wide range of specializations under each credential. You must consider these factors before choosing a Canadian university and study program.

2. Programs offered

While choosing a Canadian university, you must check if a particular university offers a program in the area of your interest. If you find a university and a department that offers a course of your choice, you can explore further on factors such as the size of the class, the specialization of professors and the credibility of the instructors. You can also check if the institution offers an option for co-ops and has exchange programs with institutions abroad if you want to earn some work experience and exposure during the course of your studies.

3. Size and culture

Before choosing Canadian university, you must consider the learning environment and size of a particular university. Each university will have a unique culture, which means the religious affiliation and program focus of each university will be different. Size of a university means the size of the student population. A number of students mean cafeteria, library and other common places will be crowdy. You must decide if you want a more personal atmosphere or a large campus bustling with activities while choosing a Canadian university.

4. Cost and housing options

While deciding to study in a Canada university, you will have to estimate the cost, which will include tuition fee, living expenses, and cost of education supplies including books. If you are choosing a Canadian university that is located in a big city like Vancouver or Toronto, you must expect comparatively higher living expenses. You must also find a housing option that suits your budget. It can be an on-campus residence facility, off-campus rented apartment or homestay.

5. Location and climate

Location is very important while choosing a Canadian university because you will be spending two or three years at that place. You must choose a place according to your preferences; whether small towns, medium-sized cities or big cities.

Climate will be different in different locations. Most parts of Canada experiences long and very cold winters, but interior Canada mostly has a continental climate, with high temperatures during summer. But the summer is short and winter is extremely long and cold. There are also places like British Columbia, where winters are mild and there is rainfall throughout the year. You must consider your ability to cope with a different climate while choosing a Canadian university.

6. Support for international students

It is ideal to check if the university has an international student center that offers language support programs, tutorial services etc. while choosing a Canadian university. The centers also usually offer help with housing, orientation on Canada education system etc. Having an international student center means you have a place to seek help whenever you need.

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