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Top Struggles Faced by International Students in Canada and How to Overcome Them!

International Students

Pursuing your studies overseas can be a life-changing decision and especially studying in a destination like Canada could be quite an incredible experience. Canada houses more than half a million international students, every single one of them learning & gaining knowledge and experiences every single day. While there are a lot of positive things happening, we often fail to notice the struggles that students are facing while being in an entirely new country. So, if you are an international student studying in Canada and you have problems, reading this blog will help you overcome the most common problems you face in Canada!

The Language Barrier: –

It is quite understood that Canada has students who have come from more than 200 countries across the world. Even though every single individual has come to Canada by clearing Language tests, the dialect and the slangs of the native speakers could impose a hard time for you! Finding it difficult to communicate can cut you off from the world and make you feel alienated!

How to Overcome?

You can pull yourself out from this situation by interacting with a lot of new people and making new friends! If you are looking forward to make new friends, there is no better place than a Canadian University! Interacting with new people can help you speak more English and understand their way of speaking. Also, try taking a note of every new phrase or word you hear in Canada. This will eventually help you be a part of every conversation in your surroundings and learn the language in a surprisingly faster way!

The Financial Crisis: –

Finance could be the next great issue for international students studying in Canada. Though you could avail certain scholarship if you are eligible, the cost of living for students in Canada is quite a bit high and students who fail to take necessary steps often end up in a great financial crisis.

How to Overcome?

Students can make use of the opportunity to work part-time while studying in Canada. An international student can work up to 20 hours per week and the average pay would be around 10 CAD per hour. You can get yourself into some of the below-mentioned jobs:

  • Librarian
  • Book Store Keeper
  • Research Assistant
  • International Students Recruiter
  • Life Guard at Swimming Pool & more.,

Part-time job opportunities are plenty in Canada and having exposure under the same can help you improve your efficiency & skills eventually and also overcome your financial crisis.

Finding Right Accommodation in Canada

Of course, the respective college/university you have enrolled yourself in will give you accommodation facilities, but you might find it way more costlier. This is one reason why a lot of potential students drop the idea of pursuing your studies abroad.

Students at the beginning or at least for the first

How to Overcome?

semester should get accommodated in the on-campus accommodation facilities after which he/she can look out for other available options. Students can choose from various other off-campus accommodations like sublet, a host family or even rent a house by sharing the rent amount which could bring down your expenses to a very great extent!

 The Isolated Feel: –

It usually happens and there’s nothing to be worried too much about it. The thought of departing to a foreign land like Canada could be quite frightening at the beginning. Sometimes you might even feel that you are the only person who could help yourself out!

How to Overcome?

As already seen above, the only way that you could overcome this is by getting to know a lot of new people and having friends. Spending time with your friends and doing your favourite activities would actually make you feel livelier & more indulged into your surroundings! Canadian Universities & Colleges offer counselling services to students who feel difficult to adapt themselves there which is more than enough motivation for you to be in Canada!

Though there are many study abroad destinations in the world, Canada is one ideal destination that could help you improve your living standards at every instance! Get in touch with our educational experts to know more about how studying in Canada would be and get a free counselling now!

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