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United Kingdom Education FAQs

United Kingdom Education FAQsUnited Kingdom Education FAQs

The website of UCAS comes in handy when searching for courses of all levels by subject or institution.

Upon successful completion, of course if the student can find a job offer from an employer with a Tier 2 sponsor license with a package of 21,000 pounds per annum then the Visa can be extended. (Offer from a company listed on the UKVI website -TIER 2)

If you fulfill all the criteria by the selected university and a successful completion of paper works and forms it should take about 15 working days.

Scholarships are awarded merit based. Hence, first criteria are your academic marks and you must have an offer from the university which you need to accept. Most universities require you to write an essay for assessment and some may have an interview as well. Your CV must standout as scholarships are very competitive.

Yes, international students can work up to 20 hours part time per week during their study and can work up to 40 hours during their vacations.

Many Universities have pathway programs or foundation programs that allow students to prepare for a degree course. Duration of these programs is 6 months to 1 year.

Most courses don’t require any entrance exams as British universities accept the Indian academic marks, but certain professional courses like LLB and Medicine require tests like LNAT and UKCAT respectively. GMAT too is only required for MBA or Masters in certain universities.

Students can choose on-campus accommodation called Hall of Residence which provides students with single and shared rooms with all facilities. Students can also find off campus accommodation which is much cost effective.

Students must undertake tuberculosis screening test which includes chest X-ray and the test should be taken at an accredited clinic or hospital approved by UK visa home office.

Yes, the applicant can bring his/her partner if the student is pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate level course of 12 months or longer at a publicly-funded Higher Education Institution.

Yes, students must qualify IELTS and obtain score as per the admission requirement of the program.

Students can avail free and subsidized health care under NHS (National Health Service)

You can change course, provided your new choice of course must be in the same department and university.

Academic qualification and grades are the most important criteria for an admission to UK universities. Sports and other extracurricular activities better your profile among others and might come in useful when applying for scholarships.

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United Kingdom Education FAQs

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