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WITT is offering Professional Cookery Diploma courses in New Zealand

Professional Cookery diploma course

New Zealand is an island country located in the southwest of Pacific Ocean. It is a sovereign country which comprises of 2 landmasses.

  • North Island
  • South Island

The land was so remote initially, and New Zealand was the last land to be settled by humans after its remoteness. The capital of New Zealand is Wellington and the most populous city is Auckland.

New Zealand is a developed country with highly qualified international comparisons of national performance. Such as health, education, quality of life, protection of civil liberties and economic freedom.

New Zealand has a temperate maritime oceanic climate. Major regions of New Zealand witness weather which is cold and cloudier. Snowfall can be seen in majority of the parts in between the months of early June and October.

The economy of New Zealand is categorised as an advanced market economy. It has a prestigious GDP per capita. The tr this acted as a base for strong economic growth.

The New Zealand economy heavily depends on international trade, particularly on agricultural products. Also, tourism plays a major role in the economy of the country.

New Zealand is an English-speaking country which gives great prominence for Literature, Media & Entertainment, Music, Sports and Cuisine.

With all the factors that determine the country’s speciality, there are world-class Universities in New Zealand which are offering more courses for the education of international students and are serving the students community by delivering a world-class education for years. Courses in New Zealand are chosen by the authorities with respect to the interests of the students and those having a great purview in the future.

One such institute is the Western Institute of Technology, Taranaki. It is providing some special courses which are opened for the November intake of 2019 and February intake of 2020. If you ever wanted to plan your education abroad, then go on with the blog.

This is for you!

WITT – Western Institute of Technology, Taranaki

Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki was established in the year 1972. It is the largest tertiary education institution in the Taranaki province of New Zealand. This institute is accredited to the New Zealand qualification authority. WITT focuses on providing best services for students, employees and industry as well. WITT is committed to providing the best tertiary education with the highest quality.

All the institutes and universities in New Zealand are focussed to providing the best education to all its students. They have been serving the student community for years and have been creating more successful grads over the years. This institute has evolved over the years and has developed a strong vision, focussed direction and a sensibility of why they are here and what for?

WITT is offering more courses for the education of international students by which they get more professional skills and knowledge in the field of study which would help the students to perform in their working field. It is the best time to plan your abroad education and choose your courses in New Zealand.

This is the time for those who are aspired about cooking. Yes! WITT is offering diploma courses in Professional Cookery. Read on to know more…

WITT’s Diploma in Professional Cookery

Diploma in Professional Cookery at WITT can mould an international student to become a chef in New Zealand and even in other parts of the world. By studying this course students will be able to perform,

  • Inventory management
  • Applying cookery skills to prepare, cook and present a range of cold larder and hot kitchen
  • Plan and monitor the workflow and supplies in a kitchen

This is a level 5 course, on completing this course, the student gets,

  • New Zealand Advanced Diploma in Cookery – Level 5
  • City & Guilds Food Preparation and Cooking – Level 3 Advanced Diploma
  • City & Guilds Food Preparation and Cooking – Level 2 Diploma (Patisserie)
  • City & Guilds Food Preparation and Cooking – Level 2 Diploma (Culinary Arts Principles)
  • City and Guilds Food Safety in Catering – Level 2 Award

WITT international students have 98% of successful completion rate. This is a 2-years programme with a catalysed fast track delivery over 18 months. This program deals with a comprehensive programme covering all facets of cookery, from introductory skills through to advanced culinary.

The Graduates from this filed are highly regarded in the industry and the students gain well-paid full-time employment as soon they graduate. Students are eligible to work for 20 hours per week while enrolled in the qualification. Also, they get a 100-hour internship component that provides students with real-life industry experience which will help them acquire knowledge about the working field.

Universities in New Zealand are offering the best courses which are proportional to the in-demand job opportunities. Also, the courses in New Zealand universitiUniversities In New Zealandes are available in different domains based on the interests of the students who are intended to choose their domains respectively!


There are significant benefits for international students who pursue their education in New Zealand. Those benefits include;

  • World-class education
  • Optimized cost of living & educational expenses
  • Fascinating weather conditions
  • Become a universally recognised graduate
  • Study in world-class universities
  • Ample job opportunities in the field of study


There are more long-term benefits of studying higher education in universities in New Zealand. If you really are aspiring to further your education, get on to the registration process! No more waiting…


Registration Process

Professional Cookery diploma course is provided at the Western Institute of Technology of Taranaki, New Zealand for November 2019 and February 2020 intakes. If you ever wanted to study abroad, this is the best time. Apply with CanApprove.

We are a 21-year-old consultancy providing immigration and education services for abroad aspirants successfully since 1998. Our experts’ team is here to guide in all the possible aspects of your abroad plan. Connect with us to know more about the Professional Cookery Diploma Course at Western Institute of Technology, Taranaki…

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