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Yorkville University has again opened its gates for 2020 winter intake!

Yorkville University blog

Yorkville University has again opened its gates for Jan 2020 winter intake followed by its opening for the fall intake of 2019. Yes! Yorkville University in Canada has started receiving applications for the winter intake, 2020. Abroad education has become a primary dream for more abroad aspirants. This is because, they have some positive life prospects like high living standards, improved quality of life, a well-paid job and a wealthy environment.

Canada is a country which fulfils the wishes of people those who are prophesying the best for their lives. The universities in Canada and the government together are determined in introducing more policies and programs which are favourable for abroad aspirants and immigrants.

Universities in the country provide a world-class education for the students. There are ample of job opportunities for the grads after course completion. A joyful life, in one of the world’s most beautiful places! What else then? If you are craving about abroad education, this is your kind of blog then. Go ahead…

Yorkville University

Yorkville university was instantiated in New Brunswick province of Canada in the year 2003 under the degree-granting act of New Brunswick. The university, right from its start is keeping on delivering the world-class education to its students thus creating more skilful graduates every year. There are 3 campuses for Yorkville which are in New Brunswick at Fredericton, in Ontario at Toronto and in British Columbia at Vancouver. Currently, the openings are in Toronto and Vancouver campuses. The courses offered in these campuses are as follows;

Yorkville University – Toronto


  • Business Administration – Project Management (3 years)
  • Interior Design
  • Business Administration – Project Management

Yorkville University – Vancouver


  • Business Administration – Accounting (3 years)
  • Business Administration – Energy Management (3 years)
  • Business Administration – Project Management (3 years)
  • Business Administration – Accounting
  • Business Administration – Energy Management
  • Business Administration – Project Management
  • Business Administration – Supply Chain Management

All the courses listed above are for those who are having UG abroad in their line of thinking. The courses are chosen with respect to the labour market needs and demands. This will enhance the employment rate and provide more job opportunities to the students once they complete the course. This is the best chance coming on your way to make your abroad plans. Go on!

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto, one of the busiest and populous cities is located in the Ontario province of Canada. Toronto is a city containing skyscrapers and majestic buildings. This is the place where one of the Yorkville campuses is located. There are creeks and rivers which cuts the land. The climate here is humid continental with warm summers and cold winters.

Ontario is one of the Canadian provinces that houses Toronto, which is its capital, and Ottawa, the capital of the country itself. Ontario has cities like Toronto with skyscrapers and also, it has forests and grasslands clung in it. Toronto is one of the most preferred and best places for a foreigner to live in.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is a city in British Columbia province of Canada. It’s North America’s fifth most populous city and is the third largest metropolitan city in Canada due to its population. It’s also one of the largest film production centres in North America since it has a great interest in film production and owns many production studios. One of the branches of Yorkville is located here in Vancouver.

British Columbia, the house of Vancouver is one of the 10 provinces in Canada. It is the third largest province by its population. The occupations here include service industries, agriculture and resource extraction. The climate here is described as a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and cold, wet winters. Coastal areas here experience drizzle frequently. Vancouver in BC is also one of the best Canadian cities to migrate for an abroad aspirant. Thinking about it? Step on with the registration process…

Registration Process

Yorkville University has again opened its gates for the 2020 winter intake followed by the fall intake of 2019. Your deadline for registering is September 30, 2019. Don’t know how to apply? CanApprove is right here to help.

We are successfully travelling in the field of providing immigration and education services to abroad aspirants for more than 20 years. Our team of experts are here to assist you in all the aspects of your abroad plan. Connect with us to know more about Yorkville and registration process….

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