5 Signs That Prove an Immigration Consultancy is Reliable!

5 Signs That Prove an Immigration Consultancy is Reliable!

Countries like Canada and Australia offer vast opportunities and high quality of life for immigrants with skills and other required qualifications. This is the reason why many aspire to build up a new life in these countries. But they have to face high competition to obtain visa from these countries. This is where they need to seek the service of an expert immigration consultant who can help them apply for a visa on a timely and foolproof manner. The service of an experienced immigration consultant will increase your chances of obtaining a visa.

But before seeking the help of an immigration consultancy, you must make sure that the consultancy is genuine and reliable. Because fake agents can land you in trouble and you may end up losing your hard-earned money, documents and opportunities. In some cases, you may even lose your eligibility to apply for certain visas and immigration programs. So you must take utmost care while choosing an immigration consultancy.

Here are five signs to check if an immigration consultancy is reliable:

Check if it is a registered consultancy

Before choosing an immigration consultancy, you must check whether it is registered with the immigration regulatory body of the country to where you are planning to immigrate, ie ICCRC for Canada and MARA for Australia. Also, instead of choosing freelance consultants, choose a consultancy with an office set-up and years of service, for they are less likely to cheat you.

Good testimonials

Most of the consultancies will be having a website, which you can check before approaching them directly.  Go through the testimonials and check the information provided on the website, and you will know if they are experts in the field. You can also talk to friends and relative who have knowledge on matters related to immigration. Choose a consultancy after considering matters such as the number of employees, customers, company’s history and payment option.

Transparency in dealings

The consultant must first give you basic information regarding immigration before proceeding further. You must also share your views, priorities and plans for immigration with the consultant. Ask the consultant about the charges and what all services they offer. You must also ask for a break-up of charges to know how much they charge for consultancy and how much is the visa. It is ideal to ask everything in writing through e-mail, before you move on to make payment. If possible, sign a contract with the consultancy regarding the immigration services in order to avoid any disputes.

Satisfactory service to past clients

You can inquire with the consultancy how many applicants obtained visa with their support during the past one year. A good track record of the consultancy is a green signal that you can trust them. Choose a consultancy that will regularly update you regarding the progress of your visa application.

Straight-forward communication

Some fraud consultants might try to lure you with sweet words and false promises. In order to avoid falling into their trap, you must first have a basic understanding about the immigration process. Also be cautious about the consultants who give you a job guarantee. Most often, they turn out to be fake.

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6 thoughts on “5 Signs That Prove an Immigration Consultancy is Reliable!

    • Venkat Karky
      Customer Support says:

      Hi Shan,
      You have already found one 🙂 Locate to CanApprove Thrissur and our immigration coordinators will take care of the rest. Well, CanApprove is an ICCRC registered and certified Canada immigration consultancy in Thrissur and other several places in India.

  • Venkat Karky
    Danilo Saavedra Tapia says:

    I am 48 years old now and planning next year to work in Canada. Kindly assist me if ever I will continue my dream to move there soon. A lot of thanks.

    • Venkat Karky
      Brighton says:

      Dear Danilo Saavedra Tapia,
      We appreciate your interest and are glad to help you. To get more insights and guidance for moving to Canada. talk to our immigration consultants. Take a ‘free profile assessment’ to check your eligibility. Send your details/resume to enquiry@canapprove.com or talk to us through WhatsApp at https://bit.ly/Inf_Imm Our team will get back to you. Thank you!

  • Venkat Karky
    Dinny C. Villanueva says:

    Good day!
    How can I check if an immigration consultancy is legit to process PR visa?
    Please help.

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