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Australia immigration 2020: Important changes you need to know about

Australia immigration 2020

With a point-based immigration system, Australia has one the most predictable and transparent systems for migration to the country. If you are planning to move to Australia in the next one or two years, you need to be well aware of the important changes that have recently been introduced to the Australia immigration system for 2020. Let us have a look into the major changes that have been brought about for Australia immigration that are relevant for 2020.

Australia immigration 2020: Opportunity for semi-skilled applicants

The Australia federal government has signed agreements with the Great Southern Coast of Victoria and Northern Territory for facilitating migration of semi-skilled workers with limited English proficiency  to Australia. As per these agreements, which are called the Designated Area Migration Agreements, semi-skilled workers with a lower level of skills, income and language proficiency may be able to obtain Australia PR.
The agreements primarily aim to address the labour shortage in these areas and in the future, the federal Australia government will be signing more such agreements with other regions too.

Changes in Australia immigration points system

Some major changes have been announced in the points system for General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa categories–Subclass 189 Visa, Subclass 190 visa and Subclass 491 visa. Following are the maximum points the corresponding eligibility factors would be receiving, as per the changes:

  • Having a skilled spouse/de factor partner: 10 points
  • State/territory nomination or sponsorship by family members in Australia: 15 points
  • STEM qualifications ( Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) : 10 points
  • Having no spouse/de facto partner: 10 points
  • Having spouse/de facto partner proficient in English: 5 points

Australia immigration 2020: New regional visas

The Australia government has introduced three new regional visa categories, which are: Regional Provisional Skilled Work Subclass 491, Employer-Sponsored Regional Subclass 494 Visa, and Skilled Regional Subclass 191 Permanent Residence Visa. The Subclass 187 visa was introduced replacing the Employer-Sponsored Regional Subclass 494 Visa, while the subclass 489 Visa replaced the Regional Provisional Skilled Work Subclass 491 Visa.

New Parent Visa

Australia has introduced a new parent visa that allows migrants to sponsor their parents to stay in Australia for a maximum period of five years. The migrants can choose between a three-year visa or a five-year visa for sponsoring their parents, and the visas can be renewed only once. To be eligible for this visa, parents must have complete health insurance coverage and should not have any healthcare loan/dept.
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