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Reasons why 2020 is the most ideal time for Canada tech immigration

Canada tech immigration

The unprecedented growth of the tech sector of the country at a rapid pace has made the year 2020 and beyond the most favorable time for Canada tech immigration. In the recent years, Canada has put in some serious efforts to boost the growth of its tech sector and encourage the immigration of tech workers to the country. As a result, technology is currently the fastest growing industry sector in Canada with a pace that overtook Silicon Valley in the US.
This rapid growth of Canada’s tech sector demands a bigger number of tech workers to fill the job vacancies. Canada has already proven itself to be a viable alternative to the US for tech workers. Canadian cities such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are leading international hubs for AI and clean technology today. Most of the IT giants such as Google, Facebook and Amazon are opening their offices in Canada because of which, the tech workers in Canada get an opportunity to work in some of the world’s renowned organizations. Besides, the IT sector of Canada also offers competitive salaries to tech workers.

Canada tech immigration: Most in-demand IT jobs in 2020
According to Randstad Canada, the most in-demand IT jobs in Canada in 2020 and beyond are:

Canada tech immigration: Most in-demand skills in 2020
According to Randstad, the following skills are predicted to be the most in-demand ones in 2020 and beyond:

  • Java
  • Linux
  • Javascript
  • SQL
  • Python
  • C#/ .net
  • C/ C++
  • Agile

Why international skilled workers prefer to move to Canada?
The reasons why Canada is the best immigration destination for tech workers in 2020 are many. Compared to the US which has already made its immigration policies stricter for skilled migrants, Canada welcomes skilled migrants who meet the eligibility criteria for migration with open hands. Further, compared to the H-1B visa of the US, a Canadian work permit is easier to obtain and the application procedure is simple and transparent. In the case of US H-1B visa, the holder usually waits between 10 to 15 years to obtain green card. At the same time, a Canada work permit holder can obtain permanent residency within one year.
Canada has also initiated several programs exclusive for tech immigration to the country. One such important program is the Global Talent Stream, which falls under the Temporary Foreign Worker program of Canada. This program allows the processing of work permit applications from tech workers within just two weeks. Another major pathway for international skilled workers to migrate to Canada are the provincial nominee programs. Some provincial nominee programs even conduct exclusive draws for tech workers.
Are you a tech worker interested in exploring the vast opportunities that await you in Canada? Get in touch with CanApprove’s expert immigration consultants to know more about Canada tech immigration and your options to move to Canada permanently.

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