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USA or Canada for immigration? Immigrants in tech industry choose Canada

Immigrants in tech industry choose Canada

The stricter immigration policies being implemented by the US are in a way boosting the growth of tech industry in Canada. Thanks to the vast career opportunities and faster and simpler immigration procedures, immigrants in tech industry are increasingly choosing Canada over the US as their favourite immigration destination.

Owing to the tougher immigration laws implemented by the Trump administration in the US, it has become harder for international tech workers to immigrate to the country. Under the Trump administration, the H-1B visa approval rate has dropped from 92% in 2015 to 75% in 2019. This trend has resulted in a shortage of skilled tech workers in the US. Tech companies are complaining that they are not able to find qualified tech workers to fill vacant positions. At the same time, Canada, in the past few years, has introduced several changes in the laws and the immigration system in order to make it easier of skilled tech workers from across the world to migrate to Canada.
Besides high rejection rate of visa applications and the high cost of application are stopping foreign tech workers from applying for US visa. Because of the high rejection rate, US tech companies are also reluctant to sponsor foreign workers. At the same time, under the Global Talent Stream of Canada, which is an exclusive immigration pathway for tech workers, it takes only two weeks to get the visa application processed.
Not only the tech workers, but many US-based tech firms are also expanding their presence to Canada with an aim to tap the easy availability of skilled labour in the country. US tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Intel and Uber have either opened their offices in Canada or are planning to do so.
At present, Toronto is the fastest-growing tech city in North America. Though tech industry in the city has been growing in the past few years, the US tightening its immigration rules for tech workers has accelerated the growth. From all these facts we can conclude that Canada has put the US far behind in the fight for global tech talents.
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