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Australia depending on migrants to fill labour gaps in IT, nursing

Australia is increasingly depending on migrants to fill the skills gaps in IT and nursing, revealed new Census data on Australia’s workforce. The data shows that Australia’s workforce has undergone some major changes in recent years and the country is more dependent on skilled migration than ever before. Almost 40 percent of all nurses in Australia were born overseas, says data. According to experts, attracting healthcare workers to Australia is central to maintaining healthcare industry of the country. Similarly IT occupations like software programmers, IT project managers and systems analysts are also in high demand in Australia, which is a great opportunity for tech workers to migrate to the country.

Opportunities for migrants in Australia

Australia’s National Skills Commission’s 2022 Skills Priority List has found that 286 occupations are facing shortages in Australia in 2022, as compared to 153 occupations in 2021. The occupations which are in highest demand include nurses, software programmers, aged care workers, construction managers and child care workers. While there are around 9226 vacancies for Registered Nurses, the number of vacancies for Software and Applications Programmers is 7841.

The most recent immigration draw held on October 6 proves that engineers also have high demand in Australia. The draw specifically targeted aeronautical engineers, agricultural engineers, biomedical engineers, chemical engineers, electrical engineers, electronics engineers, industrial engineers and mechanical engineers among other professionals including health workers and architects.

Australia to welcome more immigrants

Last month, the Australian government announced that they would increase the annual migration intake by 35000 places and invest $36 million for tackling visa backlogs.  Next year, more than two-thirds of all migrants who come to Australia will be from seven of the various Australian skilled visas. There are 44 occupations in the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List of the Australian government. These occupations include registered nurses, software and applications programmers, ICT, business and systems analysts as well as electrical engineers.

Why migrate to Australia?

Australia is one of the most attractive destinations for migration for people from across the world. Australia has lifted almost all of the pandemic-related restrictions and the economy is returning to normalcy. Australia is processing visa applications and so, it is ideal time for those who wish to move to Australia to start their application process. There are many factors that make Australia the best place to live. Free healthcare and school education, good weather, high standards of living, economic and political stability are just a few factors that make Australia a desirable destination for migration.
Australia Immigration and MigrationSo, if Australia migration is in your thoughts, this is the right time to start the application process. For detailed information,  connect with the Australia migration experts of CanApprove.

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