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Canada plans to welcome and retain more international students

Canada is planning to welcome more international students in the coming years and make more efforts to retain the talented students in the country. Canada is a favourite destination for education, especially for Indian students. A multicultural society, a wide variety of choices in courses and affordable cost are some of the factors that make Canada the right choice. Currently around 240000 Indian students are studying in various universities and colleges of Canada. It means more than one-third of the all international students studying in Canada.

Canada lifts 20-hours working limit

Most of the international students in Canada work part-time along with their studies, so that they can meet a part of their expenses. Earlier, the students were allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours per week. But recently, this limit was lift by the Canadian government. The limit will remain lifted from November 15, 2022, until December 31, 2023. This move has come as a great boon, especially for Indian students, as Indian rupee has fallen against Canadian dollar. Canada took this step considering the growing scarcity of labour in the country. However, most of the Indian students have welcomed this move.

More immigration pathways for international students

Canadian government is working to devise a strategy to provide more opportunities for temporary residents including international students to transition to permanent residence. Canada has already acknowledged that international students are an important part of Canadian economy. The strategy for making the transition to PR easier of international students has a five-pillar approach. These five pillars are using increased immigration targets set in the Immigration Levels Plan 2022-2024, reforming Express Entry system, improving economic immigration programs, enhancing Francophone immigration and increasing processing capacity with the help of technological changes.

Canada is facing severe labour shortage and hence wants more immigrants to contribute their skills towards the growth of their economy. Migration will be easier for those who have completed their education in Canada. After the education, international students can obtain a Postgraduation Work Permit with which they can earn Canadian work experience. Canadian education and work experience increases the probability of immigration candidates in obtaining Canadian PR.
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