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Businesses urges govt to resume Australia immigration

Australia immigration

Even as the Australian borders remain closed for skilled workers because of restrictions imposed on Australia immigration in the wake of coronavirus pandemic, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) has urged the government to allow more immigrants in to the country. The ACCI, the topmost group of Australian businesses, has urged the government to improve the process for skilled migration to Australia and place adequate coronavirus quarantine arrangements for new immigrants in place.

Currently, foreign workers in Australia are allowed in industries such as mining, and oil and gas. But the ACCI wants opportunity for more businesses to participate. The demand has been put forward by the ACCI in the migration and population policy update of the organization. According to the document, the halting of the migration program of Australia has significant economic and fiscal consequences. The ACCI usually provides the document ahead of talks with the government. The organization has also demanded the government to allow back temporary workers who have left Australia owing to COVID-19.
The government of New South Wales in Australia has made it clear that they would open new nominations once the Commonwealth Department of Home Affairs provides them with the annual allocation of nominations for 2020-21. All other states and territories have also planned to do the same once they are allocated nominations.

The ACCI also wants to see the permanent migration intake of Australia return to 190,000 once the international travel is resumed in the country. According to them, the immigration cap should be set according to the evidence of maximum benefit, including an assessment of economic, fiscal and demographic, fiscal and demographic outcomes.
Earlier, the Australian universities had also urged the government to bring back international students to the country so that they can finish their degrees and support the plunging economies of these universities.
The current crisis in the Australia immigration scenario is expected to be over soon, as the country needs skilled immigrants to support the growth of its economy. Contact us to explore your options for Australia migration Connect with our Australia immigration consultants in Chennai at CanApprove now!

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