COVID-19 crisis shows why Canada still needs immigrants

Canada still needs immigrants

The crisis situation now existing in Canada, which has resulted from the outbreak of COVID-19, has proved once again that immigrants are playing an indispensable part in the economic growth and social welfare of the country. Canada relies heavily on immigrants as they constitute a major portion of the essential workers in the country. They include those working in nursing homes and hospitals, farms, food factories, meat packing facilities and as drivers and food delivery persons. The immigrants also run many restaurants that offer take-out food.
According to Statistics Canada, immigrants constitute one forth of the total number of health workers in Canada. Further, one third of all family physicians in the country are newcomers.
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The fall in the number of international students enrolling in Canadian colleges and universities has made a huge economic impact on them. The tuition fees paid by the international students accounts for almost half of the total tuition revenue of the post-secondary institutions in Canada.
Industry experts think that if there is a drop in the number of temporary foreign workers coming to the country, it would badly affect the seafood industry of Canada. The attempts to hire Canadian workers to replace temporary foreign workers have already failed miserably.
According to Marco Mendicino, the Immigration Minister of Canada, the country is planning to welcome 341,000 immigrants in 2021 and the immigration target for 2022 is 361000. Though there has been a drop in the number of new immigrants coming to Canada because of the COVID-19 crisis, the Country has welcomed 70000 new immigrants in the first three months of this year alone. Even after Canada imposed certain restrictions by mid-March to tackle the health crisis, close to 20000 temporary workers arrived in Canada in the month of April.


Minister Mendicino thinks that the future of Canada depends on immigration. In a recent interview, he said the country needs immigrants to grow as Canada’s population and workforce are aging fast.
Immigration experts think that the current phase will pass soon and Canada will need more immigrants in the future. If you wish to migrate to Canada this is the right time to start the preparations as you would be able to make use of the best opportunities for immigration that would arise once the crisis is over. Contact us for more information.

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