Australia migration expected to boost country’s economic recovery

economic recovery of Australia

Skilled immigrants will be crucial for the economic recovery of Australia and during the post-pandemic period and the Australian government must not impose extreme restrictions on skilled immigration, urged the Committee for Economic Development of Australia(CEDA) in its new paper on employment in Council on Economic Policy(CCEP) Economic Recovery series. Instead, the government must promote Australia migration and attract the best talents from across the world even as other countries are imposing blanket restrictions on migrants, the organization opined.

CEDA’s new research on the labour market after COVID-19 compiles expert views on many critical issues that shape Australia’s job market, which include women, long-term unemployed, young people as well as subsidies, immigration, training and industrial relations.

Major recommendations on Australia migration

The research paper recommends the government to introduce an intra-company transfer visa, which will help multinational businesses that are looking to invest in Australia or to expand their operations in the country. By doing so, the businesses would be encouraged to bring in more resources to Australia. It will really be a boost for the post-COVID 19 economic recovery of Australia, according to experts.

Further, CEDA has urged the Australian government to extend the JobKeeper and JobSeeker payments to temporary migrants, including students and skilled workers.

In 2019, the international education sector of Australia contributed over $37 billion to the Australian economy and 240,000 jobs. Taking this into account, CEDA has urged the government to restart the flow of international students to the country to support the international education sector.

Importance of Australia migration

Migration has played a crucial role in the economic development of Australia and it is expected to remain so in the future too. Migration is predicted to be crucial for the economic recovery of Australia as in terms of demographics and economy, the country is facing a lot of problems such as lack of productivity and economic activity, employment, workforce demand and regional depopulation. Experts are pointing out immigration as a solution to all these problems. At the same time, the demand is also high for promoting demand-driven migration to regional Australia.

When Australia lifts restrictions on immigration, it is expected that more skilled workers will have an opportunity to move to the country and start a new phase of their career and life. Find out your options for Australia migration by filling our free online assessment form.

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