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Advantages of Studying MBBS in Ukraine

medical universities in Ukraine

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine is a country well known for quality, affordable medical education. As far as Indian students are concerned, the cost of studying MBBS in Ukraine is low compared to the private medical colleges in India. The medical universities in Ukraine are recognized by WHO and MCI. So once they complete their course, they can work anywhere in the world.

The advantages of studying MBBS in Ukraine include:

  • By studying MBBS in Ukraine, students can earn the much valued international exposure in education, as a result of which they gain more knowledge in the medical field.
  • The admission process is very simple and there is no entrance examination in the MBBS universities in Ukraine. But Indian students must qualify NEET exam before joining for MBBS in Ukraine
  • Ukraine is a member of the Bologna process. It means the Ukrainian MBBS degree is valid in all European countries, except the UK. Besides, most of the medical universities in Ukraine have Bilateral Student Exchange programs with universities in Germany, Finland, Sweden etc.
  • Students of MBBS universities in Ukraine get chances to participate in seminars, symposia and project work in several parts of Europe.
  • IELTS or TOFEL is not required to study MBBS in Ukraine. English is the medium of instruction and around 25% of the population in Ukraine can understand and speak in English
  • Cost of living is also very low in Ukraine. Ukraine has one of the best public transport systems in the world and international students enjoy almost 50% discount in public transport.
  • The education system in Ukraine gives emphasis to practical aspects of teaching. MBBS universities in Ukraine have outstanding international faculty, whose exposure and knowledge ensure the best learning experience for students.
  • In the medical universities in Ukraine, class size is so small. It helps the teachers to provide individual attention to students.
  • Students from around 110 countries are studying in Ukraine. The students come from countries including China, Nigeria, Russia and Malaysia. Studying with the students from different cultural backgrounds help the students broaden their perspectives. It also enriches their cultural understanding, so that they are able to function effectively in a global scenario.
  • The MBBS universities in Ukraine have world-class infrastructure. They are equipped with high-end technologies for teaching and modern equipment in hospitals.
  • Unlike the private universities in India, the MBBS universities in Ukraine do not demand any donation or capitation fee. Tuition fee is also significantly low compared to private medical colleges in India.

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