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4 Important things you should look into before Immigrating to Quebec

immigrating to Quebec

Quebec attracts thousands of immigrants every year with its unique French heritage and low cost of living. But Quebec is like a different country within Canada, as the province has set itself apart from English Canada with its unique culture, language, food etc. So living in Quebec is an entirely different experience altogether.

Here are four important things that you must look into, before immigrating to Quebec

Where to live:

Most of the immigrants prefer to settle in Montreal. About 85 percent of the immigrants reside in this city. Montreal is marked by a dynamic economy, rich culture, vast employment opportunities, greenery and quality life. But there are a few other places in Quebec that offer vast job opportunities and quality of life, such as Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Bas-Saint-Laurent, Capitale-Nationale (ville de Québec) etc. You can seek the services that provide guidance to newcomers in these regions on matters such as housing and choosing schools for children.

Starting a life:

Once you reach Quebec, you will have to do a few things to start a new life there. These include opening a bank account, getting health insurance and driving license, and finding a place to live. For all these, you will need documents such as your passport and your work permit. Though most of such procedures are simple, it may take a long time to complete.


Upon landing in Quebec, you can stay with friends or at a short-term centre as a temporary arrangement till you find a permanent housing. Explore the neighbourhoods and consider the proximity to work and school while choosing an area for residence. You must also check if public transport facilities are available there. Once you zero in on a particular area, you can monitor the ads to find a home there.

Cost of living and tax:

The cost of living is different in different regions. While cities such as Montreal and Quebec City are expensive, it is highly affordable to live in small towns. But you may have to compromise on things such as convenience and fast internet, while choosing small towns.

Remember, while you are in Quebec, you will have to file two tax returns every year. The province has heavy taxation, paperwork and bureaucracy.

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