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Why Should Indian Students Think About Studying in Canada?

Welcoming atmosphere for international students and vast opportunities on offer have made studying in Canada the best option for Indian students. High quality of education and comparatively affordable cost are the major factors that set Canada apart as a popular education destination. The universities in Canada are world-renowned for their high academic standards and focus on research.

Below are a few other factors that make Canada the best international destination for Indian students to pursue their higher education.

-It is comparatively easier to get your student visa.

-Students can work part-time even while pursuing their studies. With the work permits granted to full-time students, they can work up to 20 hours per week

-In Canada, international students get exposed to a variety of cultures. It helps them broaden their perspectives and equip them with the cultural understanding to function effectively in the international business scenario

-Canada respects and promotes diversity. The country offers a peaceful and warm atmosphere for international students to pursue their education

-Employment rate is high among graduates from Canadian universities. Canada higher education system focuses on industry-specific applied research. As a result of that, around 90% of the students who graduate from Canadian universities get placed within six months after completing their education.

-Even while studying, students have opportunities to earn relevant work experience in the form of cooperative education and internships.

-International students who have completed their education in Canadian universities need not leave Canada in order to apply for permanent residence.

-Canada government gives highest priority to maintaining high standards of education and attracting more international students. The country is aiming to double the number of full-time international students to 450,000 by 2022. Canada’s international education strategy is not only about attracting international students, but also about retaining the best talents in the country.

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