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Canada planning to welcome more international students

The Canada government is working with the universities and colleges in the country to attract more international students. Canada already has a record number of international students, 572,415 study permit holders in total, as per 2018 estimates. However, the government of Canada is devising strategies in cooperation with the educational institutions to attract more students, especially from target countries which are growing economically. Students from India and China dominate the international student landscape in Canada. They account for 315,610 or 55 per cent of the total Study Permit holders in Canada.

As per the available data, university enrolment in Canada increased by 15 per cent between 2017 and 2018. The number of study permits issued also increased by 180 per cent last decade. The reason behind this incredible growth in the number of international students is the efforts taken by the Canadian government to attract more students to the country. International students contribute almost $15.5 billion per year to the Canadian economy. As per the 2016 data, they also supported nearly 170,000 jobs in 2016.

Canada’s existing strategy for attracting international students involves a three-step process. The first step is issuing study permits to the students for full time education. Second is issuing Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) to eligible students and third, they can use the work experience gathered with the work permit to qualify for permanent residence in the country.

In fact, these benefits have made Canada one of the most attractive study destinations for international students. Another factor that makes Canada a favourite study destination for international students is the fact that the cost of education is cheaper compared to many other prominent study destinations, especially the US. In Canada, a student can have access to world class education without having to spend as much as they have to in the US.

International students are an important source of income for the educational institutions in Canada as well, as they pay higher tuition fee compared to the Canadian students.

Those who are planning to study in Canada must first make sure that the institution and the study program that they have chosen are eligible. They can obtain a Post-graduation Work Permit only if they have studied a PGWP-eligible program in a designated learning institution. With the PGWP, an international student can stay and work in Canada for between eight months and three years after they graduate. The duration depends on the length of the study program. Work experience earned with the PGWP will help international students get priority points while applying for permanent residence in Canada.

Canada to process SDS applications within 20 days

As per the new service standard introduced by Canada immigration authorities, candidates who have applied for Study Permits through the Student Direct Stream (SDS) will have their applications processed within 20 days. Besides, the Student Direct Stream applications are being centralised and processed by a Centralised network in order to expedite the processing. However, the authorities have specified that in order to qualify for SDS processing, the study permit applications have to be submitted electronically.

Student Direct Stream

The Student Direct Stream was introduced in June 2018 with an aim to expedite Study Permit processing for international students from key Asian markets, which means China, India, Philippines and Vietnam. In order to be eligible to apply under the Student Direct Stream, the candidates must be living outside Canada at the time of application. They must pay their first year tuition fee at a designated learning institution up from and purchase a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of at least $10000. Besides, they must complete an upfront medical examination and provide a police clearance certificate.  Moreover, they must score at least 6 for English (IELTS), or Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens score of 7 for French (TEF), or must have graduated from a Canadian-curriculum high school.

International students in Canada

As per 2016 estimates, international student contribute $15.5 billion per year to the Canadian economy, supporting nearly 170,000 jobs. In the end of 2018, the number of international students in Canada was 572,415. Between 2017 and 2018, university enrolments in Canada have been increased by 15 per cent. The number of study permits issued by Canada has also been increased by 180 per cent.

Canada has adopted a three-step process to retain international students in the country. First issue them Study Permits for full-time education in Canada, second issue them Post Graduation Work Permit upon the completion of the studies and third, with the study and work experience earned from Canada, make them eligible for permanent residence in the country. This has made Canada one of the most favourite study destinations for international students.

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Canada & Australia are Becoming an Increasingly Popular Study Destination for Indians!

Studying abroad has become the most preferred option for students from India who look forward to gaining quality education. The world has plenty a number of study abroad destinations, with the number of students increasing every single day. Some of the countries that receive maximum attraction are the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

A leading expert from an Overseas Education Consulting firm stated that with Canada, Australia & New Zealand relaxing their study abroad policies and increasing their work permits up to 3 years will pave the path for an increase in the number of students who wish pursue education in the particular countries.

Australia recently announced an Additional Temporary Graduate Program under which students coming and studying from other countries will be given an additional year of stay back permits. It should also be noted that a number of universities do offer courses in English though the country is not a predominantly English – speaking country.

Experts say every single year, the number of students from India who go to study abroad increases 15 – 20 per cent. Though the United States has always been the favourite study abroad destination then & now, the increase in the benefits & opportunities in other countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand are making these places an equally important destination and not to mention that all the above – mentioned destination’s education system are some of the best in the world.

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Indian Undergraduate Students to Get New Zealand’s Excellence Awards

New Zealand has come up with its first ever Excellence Awards Undergraduate Scholarship package for students from India. The awards offer scholarships to 18 students and he/she can study in any one of the Universities in New Zealand and a funding of INR 84 lakhs will be available towards the cost incurred on academics.

New Zealand is becoming one of the most prominent study abroad destinations for students from India. The number of students who wish to immigrate to New Zealand is continuously increasing and the country is also opening up and welcoming students by providing them opportunities that could future proof their career path.

The Award that was offered by New Zealand was to Indian students who wish to pursue their education in New Zealand and come out with flying colours. New Zealand has been ranked as the best English-speaking education system consecutively for the second year. New Zealand’s education system is like no other and students are put into an environment where they can think and improve their creativity every single day. Universities in New Zealand are ranked among the top 3% of the universities in the world.

It should also be noted that the government of New Zealand introduced a three-year post-study work visa for students who are studying Bachelor’s & postgraduate work permit study visa. Regional Director, John Laxon (South East & Middle East Asia, India) said that they have witnessed a 17% increase in the number of Indian Students coming to Universities in New Zealand. With the scholarship packages being offered, John Laxon said that he is quite thrilled & excited about providing the opportunity for international students to experience New Zealand’s world-class education system.

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United Kingdom’s New Education Strategy Proves to be Beneficial for Indian Students

Recently announced, United Kingdom has come up with a new education strategy which proves to be a lot beneficial for international students, especially for students from India. The reason behind is because the country aims to develop global partnerships and become one of the ideal education destinations that attracts students and gives them a quality education.

United Kingdom’s new strategy serves right for students who are quite ambitious & passionate and who look forward to pursue an ideal job opportunity abroad. These are some of the many changes that the United Kingdom brought forward as it is about to leave the European Union.

Below mentioned are some of the key changes & goals that the United Kingdom Government has introduced & set:

  • Plans to increase the number of international students in UK universities from 4,85,000 to 6,00,000.
  • Students pursuing a Bachelors Degree and Masters Degree will be given six months of Post-Study work visa.
  • PhD pursuing students will be given one year of post-study work visa which proves to be extremely useful.
  • Plans to boost economic growth by 30% by 2030.

Every single year, a huge number of students from India prefer to pursue their education in UK owing to the high education quality the country offers. The UK government with the changes made expects to attract a large number of international students every single year and to boost the economy and eventually become one of the most preferred study abroad destination.

Students from India, especially with the modified post-study work permit visa find this opportunity extremely beneficial. Getting to study in an educational system that is quite well-renowned and the chance to stay back provides students just what they need to build their career. If you are looking forward to study in one of the best universities in the United Kingdom, reach out to our team of experts and get a free assessment now!

University of Sydney in Australia Offers New Scholarships for Indian Students

Indian students have been aspiring to study abroad in some of the best destinations which made them choose from the diverse options that are being available and it comes with no surprise that Australia seems to be one of the increasingly favourite destinations for Indian students. The reason behind is the endless number of courses that are being offered at Australian universities, the post-study work permit which is extremely beneficial, the permanent resident visa options and every other appealing option.

Statistics revealed that every year, a consistent number of Indian students head to Australia to pursue their studies. The approximate figures are 68,000 Indian students during the year 2017 (which is a 14 per cent increase when compared to the previous year) and 60,062 students by February 2018. One more compelling reason why Indian students find Australia as an ideal study abroad destination is because of the new scholarship schemes in Australia.

Out of the many universities that offer scholarships for students, the University of Sydney seems to have caught the demand. Students from India will be able to avail for a scholarship when opting to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate course. The scholarships are being specifically given to students from India. The university is giving off 28 scholarships and students should be applying between the 1st of April and 30th May.

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Manitoba Declared 2019 as the Year of International Education

Manitoba, one of the thirteen Canadian provinces has been and is active in welcoming both immigrants & international students to the province. In fact, Manitoba has welcomed a record number of international students the previous year, all thanks to the province’s high-quality educational institutions & affordable tuition costs.

Kelvin Goertzen (Education & Training Minister) said that Manitoba has witnessed a 17 per cent increase in student enrolment within the province. The year 2018 had 18,725 students from over 100 plus countries pursuing studies in the country.

The Minister also said the Education sector has played a key role in the growth of the province, contributing over 400$ million to Manitoba’s GDP and supports 4000 plus jobs within the province. One main reason why students take interest to pursue education in one of the Manitobian institutions is the high-quality education of the province, the affordable tuition costs and the Provincial Nominee Program which nominates international graduates to apply for a Canadian Permanent Residency.

Manitoba’s International Education Stream has been quite an ideal way for students who wish to immigrate to the province. The year 2018 had Manitoba nominate 1,923 graduates to apply for a Canadian Permanent Residency which is 37 per cent of the total nomination. It should also be noted that this is the largest number of nominations in the program’s history.

IRCC stated that there was an overall increase of 16 per cent in the number of individuals who hold a Canadian study permit visa. The clear notions of the International education stream has been a great factor in attracting skilled international students to Manitoba, promoting diverse skills and talent to the economy, paving the way for the Minister to declare 2019 as the Year of Education in Manitoba.

Manitoba’s economy is showing impeccable growth during the past years and taking in international graduates to a great extent. Studying in Manitoba could be an ideal way for you to obtain your Canadian Permanent Residence.

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Canada Becomes the Prime Choice for Indians Looking Forward to Study MBA

A Nationwide study conducted by SEMrush revealed that Canada has become the top choice for students who wish to pursue their MBA abroad. SEMrush also said that the search volume for Canada during the year 2018 was a monthly average of 10K whilst for Germany & Australia, it was only a meagre 4K.

Canada has been one of the most preferred destinations for students who wish to pursue their studies abroad. Every passing year, Indian Education standards is only on the rise and students who wish to pursue Business Studies abroad are eventually rising.

Surveys state that the search trends have been changing over the past few years, only showing the increased interest of students in India wishing to pursue studies abroad. Keywords like “What is MBA” & “MBA in Canada” had a monthly average search volume of 10,000 during the year 2018. It should be noted that more than 50% of the Indian population is aged below 25 which makes India one of the largest talent pools of the world.

With the Canadian Government welcoming international students from all parts of the world and providing them abundant after graduation options, it is no doubt that students show interest in pursuing an MBA in one of the best countries.

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Number of Indian Students Heading Abroad to Study Medicine is on the Rise

Students moving abroad from India to study medicine has become more common nowadays and it should not be mistaken that India lacks quality education in the field of medicine. In fact, India houses some of the best universities in the world.

The reason behind the increase in the number of students heading abroad to study medicine are quite abundant. A recent report by “The Hindustan Times” stated that the number of students wishing & applying to pursue medical courses abroad is quite high and is continuously on the rise.

Since 2014 January, students who wish to study abroad should obtain an eligibility certificate. It should be taken into note that the Medical Council of India (MCI) has issued an increased number of eligibility certificates (3,386) in 2018 when compared to 2017 which is actually a 24 per cent rise.

The increased studying cost in private colleges and the competition to pursue studies in government colleges are some of the reasons for students to opt to study abroad. Another important reason is the growing number of IB schools where students cannot take more than two science subjects. In order to take the third subject, students should obtain special permission which is, of course, a time consuming & an uncertain process, making study abroad an easier option for students and not to mention the abundant benefits & knowledge a student gets when he/she studies abroad.

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Students of Australian universities get placed soon after graduation

A survey conducted by the Government of Australia has found that a significant majority of students from Australian universities find full-time work soon after graduation. According to the Graduation Outcomes Survey 2018 report, 72.9 percent of 120,564 students who graduated from Australian universities in 2017 found full-time employment within four months. This is a remarkable increase compared to 2014, when only 68.1 percent students found work after graduation.

The survey further found that Pharmacy courses had the highest level of placements, with 97.2 percent of graduates finding full-time employment within four months after graduation. Second came Medicine courses, with 94.9 percent of students finding full-time placement, followed by Rehabilitation courses with 89.3 percent students finding a full-time job after graduation and Dentistry courses with 86.8 percent students getting placed. The courses which had the least placements were generalist courses as creative arts and tourism. The percentage of graduates who got placed in these courses were 52.2 and 59.6 percent, respectively.

The survey results were released in the context of secondary school students in New South Wales (NSW) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) receiving first-round university offers on January 11. While releasing the survey report, Dan Tehan, Australia’s minister for Education, said Australian government’s economic management has seen a record number of jobs created and this means more opportunities for university graduates to get a job and kick start their careers.

The survey pointed out that ever since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in 2008, graduates had taken longer to gain a foothold in the workforce. Before GFC, the percentage of graduates who found full-time work within four months was 85.

The prospects of graduates for long-term job opportunities are stronger than before in Australia now. All these developments underline the fact that university education in Australia is a worthwhile investment. The Australian universities are moulding students into outstanding workers and professionals and the employers are satisfied with the performance of graduates from Australian universities.

A degree from an Australian university is a doorway to a dashing career and bright future. If you plan to study in Australia, get in touch with us for expert guidance and assistance.