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Students of Australian universities get placed soon after graduation

studying at Australian universities

A survey conducted by the Government of Australia has found that a significant majority of students from Australian universities find full-time work soon after graduation. According to the Graduation Outcomes Survey 2018 report, 72.9 percent of 120,564 students who graduated from Australian universities in 2017 found full-time employment within four months. This is a remarkable increase compared to 2014, when only 68.1 percent students found work after graduation.

The survey further found that Pharmacy courses had the highest level of placements, with 97.2 percent of graduates finding full-time employment within four months after graduation. Second came Medicine courses, with 94.9 percent of students finding full-time placement, followed by Rehabilitation courses with 89.3 percent students finding a full-time job after graduation and Dentistry courses with 86.8 percent students getting placed. The courses which had the least placements were generalist courses as creative arts and tourism. The percentage of graduates who got placed in these courses were 52.2 and 59.6 percent, respectively.

The survey results were released in the context of secondary school students in New South Wales (NSW) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) receiving first-round university offers on January 11. While releasing the survey report, Dan Tehan, Australia’s minister for Education, said Australian government’s economic management has seen a record number of jobs created and this means more opportunities for university graduates to get a job and kick start their careers.

The survey pointed out that ever since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in 2008, graduates had taken longer to gain a foothold in the workforce. Before GFC, the percentage of graduates who found full-time work within four months was 85.

The prospects of graduates for long-term job opportunities are stronger than before in Australia now. All these developments underline the fact that university education in Australia is a worthwhile investment. The Australian universities are moulding students into outstanding workers and professionals and the employers are satisfied with the performance of graduates from Australian universities.

A degree from an Australian university is a doorway to a dashing career and bright future. If you plan to study in Australia, get in touch with us for expert guidance and assistance.

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