The 7 most important things to do if you want to immigrate to Australia:

immigrate to Australia

The scenic landscapes with blue skies and golden beaches, laidback lifestyle, and booming economy are some of the factors that attract immigrants to Australia. These things apart, you have to take care of certain important things if you plan to immigrate to Australia. You must do a thorough research about the life and laws in Australia before you move there, in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Lack of preparation may invite a lot of stress and struggle in the new country, once you start living there.

Here are seven important things that you must do before moving to Australia:

  • Open a bank account in Australia:

It is ideal to open a bank account in Australia before you land in the country. You can open an account online from your home country. You need not have an Australian address for that and once you have successfully opened a bank account, the bank will send you a debit card, which you can use as soon as you land in Australia. But you may have to present some identification proof to the bank before you can start banking.

  • Get a mobile phone connection:

It is highly probable that you will have to make a lot of phone calls in the first few days once you land in Australia. You can get a pre-paid Australian SIM card at your home country and switch to this SIM right at the airport.

  • Have an understanding of the cost of living:

Cost of living, especially in cities like Sydney and Melbourne, is really high for a newcomer. Property prices are high, food and transportation are also highly expensive. So, it is better to have saved enough to meet the living expenses in the initial days of your bank account. Having a brief understanding about the cost of living in the particular region where you are planning to live will help you plan your finances ahead.

  • Improve your English-speaking skills:

The ability to communicate in English with confidence is crucial for your success in the new country. So make a sincere effort to further improve your English communication skills to have a smooth life in Australia.

  • Packing and shipping your stuff:

When you move to Australia with family, replacing all your stuff like furniture and utensils will be a bad idea, as you will have to spend a big amount to buy new things. So think carefully before getting rid of stuff when you move to Australia. You can seek the help of a shipping service provider who offers best deals to bring your belongings to Australia.

  • Take your medical records with you:

When you leave for Australia, don’t forget to take the medical records of you and your family members. If you want to enroll your children in Australian schools, you will have to present their immunization records. So, never forget to take them with you.

  • Economic Climate and Job Market Trends:

Before taking the big step of moving to Australia, you must have conducted a thorough research into the economic climate and job market trends in the country. You must check what skills are in demand in the job market. You should also have an understanding of average salaries for your occupation. You can also seek the advice of your friends or relatives, who have already settled in Australia, regarding the job search.

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