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Canadian Job Advantage: Comparing Salaries in In-Demand Jobs in Canada With Other 9 Countries

Canadian job

Canada’s reputation for its welcoming immigration policies and a vibrant job market positions it as an appealing destination for individuals seeking personal and professional advancement.

When contemplating a move to a new country, such as Canada, the consideration of compensation in the context of personal objectives becomes paramount. Moreover, the importance of understanding the average salaries in high-demand professions cannot be overstated when planning a career in Canada. 

Ultimately, this perspective empowers you to make well-informed decisions about your career and financial future in a new environment.

Thus, we embark on a thorough comparison of Canada’s salaries with those of other countries in this blog. It will offer valuable insights into career prospects on a global scale. We will also throw light on notable Canadian immigration options for skilled talents. 

The Top 15 In-Demand Jobs in Canada (As per Randstad)

Based on historical trends and the country’s economic needs taken into consideration in the latest report from world-renowned employment agency and consulting firm Randstad, here are the top 15 In-Demand Jobs in Canada: 

1. Software Developer
2. HR Manager
3. Mechanical Engineer
4. Welder
5. Accounting Technician
6. Registered Nurse
7. Warehouse Worker
8. Customer Service Rep
9. Heavy Vehicle/Delivery Driver
10. Sales Associate
11. Admin Assistant
12. Business System Analyst
13. Production Supervisor
14. Digital Marketing Coordinator
15. Construction Project Manager

Consult our overseas immigration experts for the most accurate and current information on in-demand jobs in Canada. 

Average Salary Comparison of Canadian Job with Nine Other Immigration-Friendly Countries

Let’s compare Canada (CAN) with nine other nations, each of which shneed seo descneed ddared the distinction of being among the top ten countries that welcomed the highest number of permanent migrants in 2021.

The list of nine other countries with immigration-friendly policies includes: 

1. Switzerland (SWI)
2. The Netherlands (NET)
3. Australia (AUS)
4. Italy (ITA)
5. France (FRA)
6. The United Kingdom (UK)
7. Spain (SPA)
8. Germany (GER)
9. The United States of America (USA)

In-Demand Jobs Software Developer HR Manager Mechanical Engineer Customer Service Rep Sales Associate
CAN 70,792 CAD yearly 74,112 CAD yearly 70,795 CAD yearly 16.68 CAD per hour 14.97 CAD per hour
SWI 82,111 CHF yearly  104,163 CHF yearly 88,327 CHF yearly 65,086 CHF yearly 64,938 CHF yearly
NET 44,423 EUR yearly 55,637 EUR yearly 42,956 EUR yearly 31,434 EUR yearly 11.23 EUR per hour
AUS 73,167 AUD yearly 96,374 AUD yearly 76,368 AUD yearly 53,360 AUD yearly 51,210 AUD yearly
ITA 27,585 EUR yearly 50,599 EUR yearly 30,532 EUR yearly  25,500 EUR yearly 30,695 EUR yearly
FRA 38,747 EUR yearly 48,366 EUR yearly 41,073 EUR yearly 30,968 EUR yearly 33,129 EUR yearly
UK 32,160 GBP yearly 37,194 GBP yearly 32,738 GBP yearly 20,470 GBP yearly 23,030 GBP yearly
SPA 28,288 EUR yearly 44,996 EUR yearly 32,111 EUR yearly 23,946 EUR yearly 26,000 EUR yearly
GER 51,360 EUR yearly 51,081 EUR yearly 76,827 USD yearly 29,162 EUR yearly 36,342 EUR yearly
USA 76,961 USD yearly 72,402 USD yearly 76,827 USD yearly 15.74 USD per hour 12.29 USD per hour


In-Demand Jobs Registered Nurse Warehouse Worker Delivery Driver Welder Bookkeeper
CAN 35.34 CAD per hour 17.20 CAD per hour 19.04 CAD per hour 24.54 CAD per hour 21.16 CAD per hour
SWI 61,540 CHF yearly N/A N/A 70,000 CHF yearly N/A
NET 19.52 EUR per hour 11.32 EUR per hour 10.23 EUR per hour 13.78 EUR per hour 33,551 EUR yearly
AUS 34.90 AUD per hour 23.54 AUD per hour 23.65 AUD per hour 28.26 AUD per hour 29.91 AUD

per hour

ITA 25,824 EUR yearly 8.25 EUR per hour N/A 10.00 EUR per hour N/A
FRA 28,200 EUR yearly N/A N/A N/A N/A
UK 26,601 GBP yearly 9.38 GBP per hour 9.83 GBP per hour 11.86 GBP per hour 12.21 GBP
SPA 29,277 EUR yearly 28,000 EUR yearly N/A 30,000 EUR yearly N/A
GER 34,342 EUR yearly 11.99 EUR per hour 10.24 EUR per hour 15.37 EUR per hour 35,703 EUR yearly
USA 33.01 USD yearly 15.87 USD  per hour 17.02 USD per hour 20.13 USD per hour 19.23 USD per hour

For more specific information about Canadian Job Offers, please free to consult our expert immigration counselors. 


Notable Immigration Opportunities with Canadian Job

Here are some notable immigration pathways and career opportunities in Canada.

Express Entry System: A Gateway to Skilled Immigration

To secure permanent residency in Canada through Express Entry, several pivotal factors come into play, encompassing age, education, language proficiency, and work experience.

1. Individuals aged between 20 and 29 garner the highest points as it symbolizes their potential long-term contributions to Canada.
2. Also, possessing Canadian degrees or foreign credentials equivalent to Canadian ones holds utmost significance. It is imperative to obtain an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) for a precise evaluation.
3. Further, language proficiency assessed through internationally recognized tests like IELTS, CELPIP (English), and TEF (French), carries substantial weight.
4. Also, work experience in in-demand jobs in Canada holds substantial sway. This evaluation relies on the National Occupational Classification (NOC) system.
5. Additionally, those with Canadian job offers may get more preference. 

Thus, all these influential factors combine within the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), ultimately determining your rank within the Express Entry pool. Moreover, this ranking significantly shapes your pathway toward achieving Canadian permanent residency.

For expert guidance on optimizing your CRS scores and enhancing your prospects of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency, do not hesitate to reach out to our immigration experts

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs): Tailoring Immigration to Provincial Needs

Next up is Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). 

PNPs present a myriad of diverse immigration opportunities in Canada. These programs allow provinces to meticulously select candidates who align with their economic and demographic needs.

PNPs inject agility into Canada’s immigration system, adeptly addressing regional demands while actively involving immigrants in community contributions.

Moreover, many PNPs offer occupation-specific streams, strategically attracting experts in in-demand jobs in Canada. Additionally, certain PNPs, such as the “Labour Market Priorities,” demonstrate agility by swiftly responding to labor market needs, and expediting candidate processing.

For those with a specific province in mind, PNPs offer a tailored and structured path. Provincial governments actively nominate candidates who exhibit unwavering commitment to their chosen province.

Furthermore, PNP nominees often accrue additional points within the Express Entry system, significantly enhancing their prospects of receiving the highly sought-after Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian permanent residency. This makes PNPs an adaptable and accessible route to attaining permanent residency in Canada.

International Students: Pathway to Permanent Residency

Another notable pathway is studying abroad in Canada as it opens up a promising pathway to permanent residency for international students.

Upon successful completion of studies at a designated learning institution in Canada, international students become eligible for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). This invaluable permit grants graduates the privilege to actively work in Canada for a period spanning from 1 to 3 years, contingent on the duration of their academic program.

The PGWP provides a unique opportunity for students to accumulate valuable work experience in in-demand jobs in Canada. This experience serves as a tangible indicator of a student’s seamless integration into Canada’s dynamic workforce.

Furthermore, pursuing post-secondary education in Canada bestows international graduates with the added advantage of earning supplementary points within the Express Entry system or provincial nomination programs, significantly enhancing their competitiveness.

Additionally, acquiring permanent resident status enables international students to sponsor immediate family members, including spouses, common-law partners, or dependent children, to reunite with them in Canada. This comprehensive opportunity underscores the benefits of choosing Canada as a pathway to academic and immigration success.

For any further clarification, we are here to assist you in realizing your Canadian Job goals. Book your free consultation with us today! 

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