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Everything You Need to Know About London South Bank University!

South Bank University

The prime objective of every single university around the globe would be to provide its students a collaborative motivated atmosphere with state of the art technology, impeccable facilities, an expert faculty team, the right guidance & knowledge which could make an individual pioneer in his/her field. While every university strives hard to attain the position of a renowned university, there are few other universities that thrive by making life better for students and London South Bank University is one such university known for its quality education & relentless opportunities.

The History Beyond London South Bank University: –

LSBU was founded on October 30th, 1892 and has been successfully creating an impact among lives till date. During the course, the university had undergone several name changes and merged with a number of educational institutions. The name “London South Bank University” came into existence during the year 1992 and now has a student population of around 17000.

London South Bank University – Education System: –

LSBU offers its students the opportunity to come up with creative & innovative ideas by introducing them to laboratories that are of high standards accompanied with expert skilled support. Students get the practical knowledge and the design thinking that is most needed bring out potential solutions in every aspect of life & career. The University has seven schools which maximize the chances for students to be incoherent contact with the industry.

  • School of Applied Sciences
  • School of Arts & Creative Industries
  • School of The Built Environment & Architecture
  • School of Business
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Health & Social Care
  • School of Law & Social Sciences

Student Services & Facilities: –

  • The University has a total of 800 study spaces (Southwark & Havering Campuses), around 58,000 e-journals and an approximate of 250,000 books.
  • The university creates part-time opportunities for its students within the university through its Student Ambassador Program.
  • London South Bank University’s Employability service gives valuable insights to students as to how to shape his/her career by providing information, the right kind of advice & guidance.
  • Training on interview techniques helps students gain an edge during an interview.
  • The university conducts several entrepreneur programs, internships to develop the entrepreneurial thinking among the students.
  • Students get to avail internet, onsite laundry facilities & more.,

Other Important Facts: –

  • Ranked among the top universities that provide high graduate starting salaries.
  • Ranked among the top universities in London for teaching forensic science.
  • London South Bank University has the world’s oldest school bakery established in the year 1894.
  • Ranked number one in best accommodation in London and among the top 10 in the entire UK.
  • Ranked among the top universities in London for Organisation & Management.
  • Ranked among the top universities in London for Learning Resources in Drama.

Steps to Enrol Yourself in London South Bank University: –

To pursue a course in London Southbank University, a student has to follow the below-mentioned steps.

 1. Submission of the Application: –

Students from overseas should complete the LSBU Online Application Form. The student should upload all the necessary documents that are required by the university. The documents are:

  • Passport
  • Copies of UK Visas
  • Academic Qualifications
  • Reference Letters
  • Statement of Purpose

**Though there are certain courses which students cannot apply online.

 2. Email Confirmation: –

Once the student has submitted his/her application online, they get a confirmation mail stating that his/her application has been received and that it is currently being reviewed. Once reviewed, the student gets an email which has the ID number that can be used for any questions.

 3. The Decision Phase: –

The Admission team will contact the student once a decision has been made on his/her application.

Building a career is like a combat mission. You should be able to find the purpose, take the disciplined initiative, be on the right path with the right guidance and come out with flying colors. LSBU helps students find what they have been looking for and achieve huge strides in their life by giving them the right contrast of potential elements needed for success.

To know more about, London Southbank University or to enroll in one of the courses, contact our team of experts.

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