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New Zealand Universities Welcome Post-Study Work Right Proposals

Recent announcements made by Immigration Minister lay Lees Galloway regarding Post-Study Work Right Proposals for international students has been welcomed by the universities of New Zealand.

New Zealand is a country which believes that the contribution of international students could help strengthen and develop the New Zealand economy. The year 2017 had more than 3500 international students at Victoria and the numbers are expected to rise this year.

Though the numbers are on the rise, a huge number of students migrate with the false conception that a post-study work visa can help them obtain a fast track residency in New Zealand, leading them to be sponsored by unethical employees. As a result, students often end up getting jobs which have no real demand.

In an effort to overcome this, changes have been made to the post-study work visa which includes:

1. Providing a one-year post-study work visa for non-degree level 7 or qualifications below.

2. Providing a three-year post-study work visa for degree level 7 or above qualifications.

3. Students completing a non-degree level 7 or below to undertake a minimum of two years of study to gain eligibility for post-study work rights.

4. Removing the requirement post-study work visa to be sponsored by a particular employer.

It is expected that these changes could elevate the general skill level of the migrants who are about to be granted permanent residency and prevent fraudulent practices from agents. International students are considered as an important part of New Zealand’s university sector. Presence of International Students in New Zealand could help in creating an atmosphere that is both financially well & vibrant. Changes in the post-study work visa would make sure that the country gets the skills it needs.

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