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Golden Period For Skilled Professionals in IT, Healthcare, STEM, and Education Moving Abroad

Skilled Professionals

Top Highlights: 

1. Statistics Canada data showed 144,500 vacant positions within the healthcare and social assistance sector as of March 2023.
2. The new 3-tier system will help reduce the number of Australian skilled migration visa subclasses and further simplify the process for skilled professionals.
3. Indians represented the top non-British nationality for National Healthcare Service staff as of 2019.
4. Germany currently needs 630,000 skilled professionals immediately, in addition to 80,000 teachers by 2030.
5. IT systems engineers, Java developers, system administrators, and software and electronic engineers continue to be in high demand throughout the UK, Turkey, France, Switzerland, Sweden, and Finland. 

The trilogy of covid impact, aging population, and low birth rates are demanding major workforce chances in major developed countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, and EU countries (especially Germany).

The good news is that these countries have already or are in the process of streamlining their immigration systems at the federal, state, and regional levels to attract more foreign-skilled professionals. They have identified focussed occupations to make foreign talents settle in their countries and sustain their economies.Canada pnp finderNew work opportunities for skilled professionals are now open in the healthcare, IT, STEM, finance, legal and hospitality sectors. Let’s explore how different countries are welcoming new foreign skilled immigrants. 

Skilled Professionals: Best Way to Move Abroad

Governments may introduce special visa programs, work permits, or immigration policies that prioritize highly skilled individuals. Such policies streamline the immigration process, reduce barriers, and provide incentives for skilled professionals to move abroad. For instance, 

Canada had announced new occupation categories for targeted Express Entry draws. The country will invite a selected group of skilled professionals with a minimum of six months or more of work experience to apply for direct Canada PR. 

As of now, Canada has announced five new occupation categories: Healthcare, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), Skilled Trades (carpenters, plumbers, and contractors), Transport, and Agriculture

Australia announced its new 3-tier migration for skilled professionals. The Light touch- the first tier will be streamlined for high-earning workers; Mainstream – the second tier will be a mainstream skilled pathway focussing on middle-income earners; Essential – the third one will be for the essential industries, which will reorganize the country’s intake of low-earning migrants.

The minimum salary for working visas in Australia (temporary employer-sponsored visas (temporary employer-sponsored visas) was recently revised to around AUD70,000.

Australia will now also give two additional years of post-study work rights to Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa holders with select degrees. 

The United Kingdom has had a fast-tracked visa for medical professionals since 2019. There is a huge demand for healthcare professionals like orthodontists, nephrologists, anaesthesiologists, and pediatricians now. 

The ‘Make it in Germany’ campaign seeks more foreign-skilled professionals including nursing professionals, physicians, engineers, IT specialists, and scientists. Recent changes are made to allow skilled workers to enter Germany with ease.

Further, some skilled professionals may choose to move abroad to pursue advanced degrees or acquire specialized knowledge from renowned educational institutions. This enables them to enhance their skills and qualifications while immersing themselves in a different academic and cultural environment.

Indians now Moving to New Countries Beyond the UK, Canada

For decades, countries such as Canada, the USA, and the UK have been at the forefront of international migration for Indians. 

Indian skilled professionals are often drawn to these countries because of their well-established immigration systems that offer efficient processing and a variety of pathways. However, the pandemic has brought about a notable shift in preferences among skilled professionals. 

Countries like Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Germany, Italy, and various EU countries are now becoming prime destinations for Indian professionals looking to migrate.

Here’s a look at Indian migrants in major developed countries across the world. 

Developed Countries Non-Resident Indians Persons of Indian Origin Overseas Indians
Canada 1,78,410 15,10,645 16,89,055
Australia 2,41,000 2,55,000 4,96,000
New Zealand 80,000 1,60,00 2,40,000
USA 12,80,000 31,80,000 44,60,00
UK 3,51,000 14,13,000 17,64,000
Germany 1,42,585 42500 1,85,085
Italy 1,57,695 45,357 2,03,052

The ‘Golden Visa’ Route for Indians

Further, Indians are preferring ‘Golden Visa’ route for immigration with family. It is an alternative means of acquiring residency, immigration, and citizenship in a country through investment. 

Indians with investable assets of INR 5 crores and over are also opting for immigration by investment route (Golden Visa). It opens several opportunities for families in terms of business, career, education, healthcare, tax, and lifestyle.

After all, 6 lakh Indians have renounced their Indian citizenship and gained citizenship in foreign countries in the past five years per the official data. 

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