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How study in Saskatchewan benefits international students

benefits international students

Among the provinces and territories in Canada, Saskatchewan is often the first choice for international students to pursue higher education. Saskatchewan is famous for higher education institutions offering high quality education at affordable costs. Moreover, Saskatchewan is one of the best places to work and settle in, once the students finish their studies. Now let’s explore the factors that make Saskatchewan the best place to study.

1. Quality education at affordable costs:

Saskatchewan has a number of higher education institutions to choose from, including universities, polytechnics, regional colleges, career colleges and universities. They offer a variety of courses that would help students lay a strong foundation for their career. These educational institutions have sophisticated Research and Development facilities and highly qualified faculty.

The province of Saskatchewan has two publicly funded universities that are accredited by the government–the University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan. University of Regina has world-class facilities with 10 faculties and 25 academic departments and offers to bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. A member of U15 (a group of Canada’s top research universities), University of Saskatchewan offers 58 kinds of degrees, diplomas and certificates.

Public colleges & Polytechnics are for applied learning and studying in these institutions will equip students with marketable knowledge and skills. Regional colleges offer certificate, diploma and degree courses trades, skills training and academic studies. Career colleges provide courses in non-degree, vocational training.

2. Study permits are easily available

A study permit or a temporary Canadian student visa is required for every international student who wants to pursue their higher education in Canada. In order to be eligible for Canada, a student has to meet certain eligibility criteria. As far as Saskatchewan is concerned, the process of obtaining a study permit is comparatively easy. But before applying for a study permit, a student must first obtain an offer letter from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Saskatchewan.

3. Graduate Retention Program 

The Graduate Retention Program of Saskatchewan allows individual graduates who have graduated & live in Saskatchewan to gain a rebate of up to $20,000. The Saskatchewan Graduate Retention Program has helped the province to retain graduates in fields of high demands by providing a partial refund on their tuition fee.

4. Support services for International Students:

Moving to a new country and living in unfamiliar surroundings away from their families may often be stressful for students. Saskatchewan offers excellent newcomer services for international students that help them adapt to the new surroundings quickly and smoothly. These services are free of cost.

5. Enjoy your life at Saskatchewan:

Studies apart, Saskatchewan has a lot to offer in terms of scenic landscapes, parks, restaurants, shopping malls etc. It means you will be spending your leisure time in the most memorable way.


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