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How Permanent Residency in Australia Can Change Your Future

How to get permanent residency in Australia

Without any introduction or any doubt, we can consider Australia is one of the best options to build your dreams, it never treats you as someone who comes from another country or continent. The rustic nature and kind-hearted people connect you to your home with all their heart. The country gives you immense opportunity to develop a high quality life. Obtaining permanent residency in Australia allows individuals to live and work in the country indefinitely.

As well as  for many people, the dream of living in Australia goes more than just a vacation or a temporary work visa. If you’re looking to spend rest of your life in Australia, then permanent residency (PR) would be a great choice. Permanent residency gives you the right to live and work in Australia indefinitely, and also it opens up a world of opportunities for you and your family.

➡️The Benefits of Permanent Residency in Australia

The world’s sixth largest country sums up it all, does it need any more description? The most comfortable climate. It offers everything and anything stability and opportunity, and with Australia PR, it gives you a chance to be a part of a welcoming multicultural environment.

➙Freedom and Flexibility

If you are an Australian permanent resident, there is no restriction on wherever you go. Live, work, and study anywhere in this beautiful country, travel over the cities or coastal towns, no more limitations when it comes to your choices. Don’t be tensed about the visa problems. Permanent residency gives  you the freedom to travel freely in and out of Australia.

➙Career Opportunities

Australia is one of the highly moving economy with  eon number of working opportunities for skilled workers across various sectors.  Australian salaries are higher than many other countries depending on your qualifications and experience. Permanent residency allows you to grow earning potential and achieve your financial goals.

➙Lifestyle Advantages

Mainly when it comes to Australia its famous for their affordable healthcare system. If you are a permanent resident, you have access to better and affordable medical care. It also supports you  during unemployment, or retirement. As well as  you can enjoy the social security benefit provide by the government. Unity of these different cultures makes you a big fan of this country. at the same time future of your children is also secured in this country if you are a permanent resident in Australia. They get to attend Australian schools and universities at resident rates

➡️How Do We Get Permanent Residency in Australia

Getting a permanent residency in Australia gives you immense opportunity. The Australian government offers various visa options which suits your preference. Here, we’ll focus on the most popular option – Skilled Migration Visas – with a particular emphasis on the Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189).

Skilled Migration Visas

Skilled migration is a major driver of the Australian economy, and the government actively seeks skilled professionals to contribute to the nation’s growth. This visa category offers a merit-based system, where points are awarded based on factors such as:

  • Age
  • English language proficiency
  • Work experience
  • Qualifications
  • Other Factors

The more points you accumulate, the stronger your application for permanent residency becomes.

There are various skilled migration visas available, including those sponsored by employers in Australia. However, the  Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) stands out for its key advantage:

No employer sponsorship required: Unlike some skilled migration visas, the Skilled Independent Visa allows you to apply independently, without needing a job offer or sponsorship from an Australian employer. This gives you greater flexibility and control over your career path in Australia.

While the Skilled Independent Visa is a popular choice, it’s important to note that other pathways to permanent residency exist. These include:

1.  Partner Visas: For those in a committed relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

2.  Business Innovation and Investment Visas: For individuals with significant business experience or investment capital.

3. State Nominated Visa (Subclass 190): Permanent residency requiring nomination from a specific state/territory to address regional skill needs.

4. Skilled Work Regional (Subclass 491): Temporary visa with a permanent residency pathway, targeting those who are willing to live and work regionally. Can be sponsored by an employer or qualifying relative.

➡️Australia’s Permanent Residency Process

1. Initial Steps: Research and Eligibility Assessment: Before diving into the application process, it’s crucial to thoroughly research your options and assess your eligibility for permanent residency in Australia. This initial step is critical for a successful application.

2. Researching Visa Options: Australia offers various permanent residency visas, each with specific requirements. Researching these options on the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs website will help you identify the visa that best suits your skills, experience, and situation.

3. Eligibility Assessment: Carefully review the eligibility criteria for your chosen visa. This ensures you meet all the requirements before proceeding with the application.

Application Process and Requirements

The application process for permanent residency, particularly for the Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189), involves several key steps:

1. Skills Assessment: You’ll need a positive skills assessment from a designated assessing authority to demonstrate your skills and qualifications meet Australian standards.

2. Medical Checks: Undergoing mandatory medical examinations ensures you meet Australia’s health requirements.

3. Police Checks: To demonstrate good character, you will need police clearance documents from any country where you lived for more than 12 months.

4. Gathering Documents: Prepare all the necessary documents as per the specific visa requirements. This may include educational certificates, work experience letters, proof of English language proficiency, and passport details.

5. Meeting Deadlines: Ensure you submit your application and all supporting documents within the stipulated deadlines to avoid delays or potential rejection.

➡️Is permanent residency in Australia forever?

If you are a permanent resident, you don’t need to worry about the visa. Australian PR doesn’t expire, but to maintain it, you need to spend enough time in Australia (usually 2 years in 5). The 5-year visa validity is for re-entry. But if You spend too long outside of Australia, you can lose your permanent residency status. However, your permanent residency never actually expires. It remains valid until the day you die.

Australian permanent residency offers a pathway to live in Australia indefinitely, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

 1. Technically Not Forever: The permanent resident visa itself has a validity period of 5 years. However, this is mainly for re-entry purposes.

 2. Australian citizenship: After four years, you can also apply for Australian citizenship

 3. Maintaining Residency: As long as you spend enough time in Australia (generally 2 years in the last 5 years), your permanent residency status remains valid.

 4. Resident Return Visa: If you plan to be outside Australia for longer than 5 years, you’ll need a Resident Return Visa to re-enter the country.

So, while permanent residency isn’t technically “forever” due to the 5-year visa validity, it allows you to live in Australia for the long term as long as you meet the residence requirements.

Why choose us? 

Despite not being permanent, permanent residency in Australia allows you to enjoy a fulfilling life. From unrestricted living, working, studying, and securing a future, the benefits are undeniable.  If you are planning to begin this exciting journey, thoroughly research visa options, and consider consulting with CanApprove Immigration Agency for a smooth and successful application process.  And if you have any queries regarding permanent residency in Australia, chatting with our migration agent can help you pick the right path and avoid any application hiccups.

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