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How to immigrate – Atlantic Immigration Pilot

Atlantic Immigration Pilot

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIPP) is a partnership association between the Government of Canada and the four Atlantic provinces including New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. The three year employer-driven immigration program is intended to address the expanding skills gaps and increasing labour market needs in the Provinces by supporting employers in recruiting and retaining qualified, skilled and experienced immigrants.

Immigration pilot program basically aspires to draw talented newcomers to Atlantic Canada. The program lets employers hire qualified candidates for employment that they haven’t been able to fill from the Atlantic vicinity. The four Atlantic Provinces are facing the crisis of aging populations and low immigration rates that seriously affecting the productivity. Thus they are now partnering with government to give prospective immigrants a flexible and easy way to employment. This is one of the best options for immigrants to build a new life in Canada!

The interest of populace in the program is increasing day by day. If you are looking for a job at Canada, Immigration pilot program can sure open the doors for you. You can apply both in the case if you are staying abroad or living in Canada temporarily. The primary prerequisite is that you must have a job offer from any employer. Employers can hire you through one of three programs in the Atlantic Immigration Pilot; Atlantic High-skilled Program, Atlantic Intermediate-skilled Program or Atlantic International Graduate Program. The programs vary based on the nature of the employment. Even though you may be eligible for more than one program, you can only apply for one. Making the right choice can help you to work contented in Canada.

There are mainly two things you should take care of getting a job offer. Firstly, meet eligibility requirements for the job. The requirements also will vary based on the job. It covers your skills, experience, education, and proficiency in English or French, capability to support yourself and your family, and above all your intention in residing the Atlantic province. What you want to do is to get ready with all the required documents like language test result, proof for fund etc. to submit with the application for your job offer. Second is to find out a designated employer. Employers should also meet some eligibility criteria. Always check for the confirmation of designation from the province where you’ll be employed.

After getting the offer from an employer, you can start the process for your permanent resident application as early as possible. Next important part is to work with a settlement service provider organization to get a settlement plan. You and your family members above 18 years of age living with you in Canada need to get a settlement plan to get resources and links for family’s needs, community help etc.

Once you have your settlement plan ready, the province will endorse your job offer. Your employer can handle this process to avail you a Certificate of Endorsement. You can then apply for a temporary work permit. The permit is only for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot to work for the employer who offered you the job, and lets you safely start the work while your permanent resident application is being processed.


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